Using Coin98 Partner Dashboard
Easily track and manage your earnings with Coin98
As promised, when we first introduced the Coin98 Partner Program earlier this month, we hinted about a power tool that helps unlock the full potential of our Partners. Today, we are happy to reveal the first version of X Dashboard and the ultimate guide for our beloved Partners.
If you have not applied for our Partner Program via the form, you can completely register directly on this Dashboard.

Get started

Step 1: Go to and click “Sign in".
(*) Please note that if you are not qualified for the Coin98 Partner Program (earned at least 10 referrals and 100,000 X Points), you can not conduct this step or access this Dashboard.
Step 2: Login by your registered email and password on Coin98 Wallet.
Step 3: Enter your BEP20 Address to receive the payment and click “Enroll Now" to complete the registration.

Navigate your dashboard

Welcome to X Dashboard, here is what you can see and do:
  • Keep track of the number of your referrals, X Points, and earnings.
  • Claim your payments every 5th of the month.
  • Get insights into your building with Coin98 via stats and beautiful charts
Dashboard Tab
On the Dashboard tab, you can see your total X Points, the equivalent of USD, and total referrals.
On the right side, there is your profile, ref ID, your wallet address. You can change your wallet address if it is necessary.
Invoice Tab
Here you can see all of your past payments, including details like name, duration, amount, status.
Plus, this is also where you can claim your payment every month. On the 5th of the month, the “Claim” button will be active for our partners.

More to come

We keep upgrading the X Dashboard to help provide more resources and support for our partners. Some new cool tabs with insightful data will be added shortly. Stay tuned!
Since it is the first release of our Partner Dashboard, we highly appreciate your feedback to drive innovation and continually improve our products. Feel free to contact us via our Partner Channel or [email protected].
Let’s BUIDL and GROW together!