How to trade on Coin98 Exchange

Coin98 Exchange - the next-gen liquidity aggregator of the Crypto universe, is always striving to integrate as many leading AMMs in the market as possible, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap (V1&V2), MDEX, Pangolin, QuickSwap and more...

Coin98 Exchange powers instant and secure swap for a seamless experience across different blockchains with just one Multi-chain wallet on a single platform.

To trade on Coin98 Exchange, you need to install Coin98 Extension Wallet and create a Multi-chain wallet. Users can also use single-chain wallets such as ETH or BSC wallets to trade on different AMMs, however, Coin98 Exchange recommends using Multi-Chain wallets for a better user experience.

If you are currently a Coin98 Wallet user, please restore your multi-chain wallets regularly to get automatically updated with the newest blockchains on Coin98 Extension Wallet.

Overview of the Coin98 Exchange interface

The main interface of Coin98 Exchange has these following sections:

[1] DEX selection area.

[2] The Wallet connected to Coin98 Exchange (you can change between wallets if there is more than 1).

[3] Token selection area.

[4] Token's price chart. Click the (i) icon at the lower-left corner of the price chart to view more information about the token.

[5] Transaction area.

[6] History of transactions.

[7] Real-time Gwei.

[8] Light and dark interface settings.

[9] Wallet lock/ unlock.

[10] Wallet management and receiving/sending functions.

[11] Navigation to other Coin98's sites/ products.

How to trade on Coin98 Exchange

Step 1: Access Coin98 Exchange.

Step 2: Select the AMM you want to trade with (Currently Coin98 Exchange has integrated Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap (V1&V2), MDEX).

Step 3: Select the token you want to trade from the token search bar.

For new tokens that have not been listed on Coin98 Exchange, you can paste their Contract addresses and trade as usual.

Coin98 Exchange will take PancakeSwap (V2) with the CAKE-BNB trading pair as an example.

Step 4: At the transaction area, users can:

  • Slide the bar for the desired amount of tokens you want to trade.

  • Adjust the Gwei bar according to the desired speed. The default gas fee on Coin98 Wallet has been set for the highest speed with the most reasonable cost.

  • Click Swap

Step 5: Click Confirm to confirm that you agree with the fee and are ready to make this transaction.

When the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Note: You can adjust the gas fee, slippage tolerance, transaction deadline by clicking the icon at the upper right corner of the trading area.

  • The default gas fee on Coin98 Wallet has been set for the highest speed with the most reasonable cost.

  • Slippage Tolerance is the difference between the price at the time of transaction confirmation and the actual price during the token swap on an AMM that is acceptable to the user. The default Slippage on Coin98 Wallet is set at the standard rate of 5%, which is quite safe and applicable to most coins on the market.

  • Transaction deadline is the maximum transaction time that you can specify to avoid the case of long waiting time without any matching orders. The default Transaction deadline on Coin98 Wallet is set at the standard of 10 minutes.

  • The arrow in the middle of the trading interface is used to switch between the buying and selling positions. You need to check the tokens’ positions carefully before making any transactions.

  • The gas fee and the processing time are different on each blockchain. You need to double-check the information carefully before approving any transaction. (For example, the transaction fee on Binance Smart Chain is paid with BNB, SushiSwap and UniSwap are paid with ETH, MDEX is paid with HT).

  • After swapping successfully, you can access the Pair section to view your transactions.

In the future, Coin98 Exchange will integrate more top-tier AMMs and cross-chain bridges to elevate users' trading experience to a new level.

We wish you a great trading experience with Coin98 Exchange!