How to add a coin/token to the asset list

To add a new coin/token to the asset list, you can create a new wallet or restore your wallet on Coin98 Mobile Wallet.

1. Create a new wallet on Coin98 Mobile Wallet

2. Restore wallet on the Coin98 Mobile Wallet


- The system will only display a few coins/tokens representing the new wallet you have created on a blockchain. The wallet will display other tokens if you have a proper balance available in the wallet. The wallet address that you use to deposit tokens/coins is the wallet address of the representative tokens/coins;

- You must save the Passphrase and Private Key carefully to be able to restore a wallet, otherwise, you may lose your assets permanently;

- Your Coin98 Wallet account isn’t directly connected to your wallets. If your session expires, please log in with your Coin98 Wallet account and use the Passphrases or Private Keys to restore your wallets.