How to adjust the transaction fee


The transaction fee can be adjusted only when you send coins/tokens.

Step 1: Open Coin98 Mobile Wallet;

Step 2: Click on the wallet you want to send coin/token right on the home screen;

Step 3: Select Send;

Step 4: Enter the amount of coin/token you want to send. If you want to transfer all coin/token in the wallet, click the icon of Coin or Token on the top, next to the balance;

Step 5: Enter the recipient's address. You can choose one of three ways below:

  • Enter the wallet address of the recipient directly into Recipient box

  • Scan the QR code by clicking the scan icon on the right of the Wallet Address

  • Click the contact icon to access the list of previously saved addresses

Step 6: Adjust the transaction fee according to your needs by moving the slider (The higher fee, the faster speed). Then swipe Send button to confirm the transaction;