How to use gas bar engine

Step 1: Select your Ethereum wallet on the home screen

Step 2:

  • Enter the desired amount of coins/tokens

  • Enter the recipient’s wallet address

  • Slide the gas fee bar. (The shown Gwei is optimized by Coin98 Wallet, or you can adjust the Gwei as your demand)

  • Click Send


  • With any transactions to move coins/tokens to other user’ wallets or exchange wallets, if it’s not urgent you can adjust a lower gas fee and estimate the time of the transactions → the gas fee will be lower.

  • Regarding the transactions on DEX, users can review the gwei and adjust it or slide the gas bar to the maximum to optimize the transaction speeds.

  • In comparison to other wallets regarding gas fee optimization, Trust Wallet or Metamask do not have this optimizing feature which is a downside for users, especially when the gas fee rocketed. Besides, if you execute a swap order directly on Metamask, an extra 0.875% service fee will be automatically added after every price quotation.