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How to import Coinomi Wallet to Coin98 Wallet
To help you diversify your wallet options to keep up with current DeFi trends, in this article, I will show you how to import Coinomi Wallet into Coin98 Wallet.

How to get Seed Phrases on Coinomi Wallet

If you’ve already backed up your Seed Phrases from Coinomi, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow these steps:
Step 1: Open Coinomi Wallet, click on the option on the left side of the screen
Step 2: Select Settings
Step 3: In the section Wallets & Security, select Manage Wallets.
Step 4: Select the wallet you want to get the Seed Phrase, click Recovery Phrase.
Step 5: Select “I understand the risks”, then enter the wallet password, select Unlock, and record the Seed Phrase.

How to restore Coinomi Wallets to Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Mobile Wallet

Step 1: Open Coin98 Wallet & click Manage on the home screen.
Step 2: Click Add Wallet.
Step 3: Select the Multi-Chain wallet, then click Restore.
Step 4: Name the wallet and enter the saved Passphrase keyword from Coinomi to restore. In each standard wallet option, you need to determine which standard you are importing to make the right choice.
Bitcoin Wallet:
Legacy Address: Start the address range with the number “1”, eg 1A1Zc0dA…, commonly supported by exchanges.
Bech32 address: Start the address range with “bc1”, example: bc1zahd…, usually supported by non-custodial crypto wallets like Trust Wallet,... From Coin98 Mobile Wallet version 10.2, the address Bech32 wallet has been improved by Coin98 Wallet, unchanged after each transaction.
Currently, Coinomi is supporting users to create Bech32 standard Bitcoin wallets, so Coin98 Wallet also encourages users to use Bech32 wallet addresses to enjoy cheaper transaction costs, faster transaction speeds than the Legacy wallet address.
Select Connect.

Coin98 Extension Wallet

Step 1: After logging in, click Add Wallet on the home screen.
Step 2: Select the Multi-Chain wallet icon, then click Restore.
Step 3: Name the wallet and paste the Seed Phrases/ Private key copied from Coinomi into the box then click New Standard → select Restore.
Solana Wallet:
Now Coinomi does not support Solana wallet, so Coin98 Wallet encourages users to use the New Standard wallet address. New standard is an option that allows users to restore Sollet/Phantom wallets while keeping the old wallet address format.
Celo, Avalanche (C-chain), Tomo Chain Wallet:
  • New Standard is an innovative new standard wallet that optimizes wallets of blockchain platforms built on Ethereum's EVM using the same wallet address format as Ethereum.
  • Old Standard is an import option for old standard wallets created on Coin98 Wallet. If you have used the new standard, you can ignore this standard.
Now Coinomi does not support those wallets, so Coin98 Wallet encourages users to use the New Standard wallet address.
After restoring successfully, your wallet will instantly be displayed on the home screen. You can also access Manage Manage All Wallets to view your wallets.
Last modified 2mo ago