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This will guide you to

1. How to download Coin98 Super App

You can download Coin98 Super App on:

2. How to activate Tomochain

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App.

Step 2: At the Home screen, select More.

Step 3: In the Wallet section, choose Active Chains.

Step 4: Make sure you are on All tab, then click Search logo on top right screen

Step 5: Ensure Tomochain is active (yellow color). If the chain is not activated yet (gray color), please toggle the yellow button on the right of Tomochain to activate it.

3. How to create multichain wallet

Step 1: In Coin98 Super App -> Click Manage Wallets

Step 2: Click the Add Wallet Icon at the top right corner

Step 3: Choose wallet type: Hot Wallet

Step 4: Select Multi-Chain -> Then click Create;

Step 5: Name the wallet as desire, then click Next;

Here you can choose the Seed Phrase Type by clicking on the icon on the top right corner.

Step 6:

  • Our engine will generate Seed Phrase (12 words) as default. Please pay attention to every word and make sure you back up the Seed Phrase correctly and in a safe place.

  • Re-enter your Seed Phrase into the reconfirmation box.

  • Read the warnings carefully, then select three checkboxes to confirm your awareness of the risks when losing keys.

  • Click Create Wallet to complete.

After having been created successfully, your wallet will be shown automatically in main wallet tab. You also can access the Manage Wallet section to see & manage all of your created/restored wallets on Coin98 Super App.

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