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What is Coin98 Labs?

Coin98 Labs is an Open Infrastructure Financial Services builder focusing on creating and developing an ecosystem of DeFi protocols, applications, NFTs on multiple blockchains. Our mission is to fulfill untapped demand and enhance in-demand utilities in the DeFi space, helping people to access DeFi services effortlessly.

An Ecosystem of Open Infrastructure Financial Services products

Our inspiration for product development arises merely from the particular needs of the team. Once a product comes into being and is launched, we would constantly listen to the community's feedback for improvements and iterations.

Our two product development strategies:

  • Maximizing the user experiences of existing products

  • Exploring untapped demands with in-depth research & Building innovative products to satisfy them.

Above all, our product suite always focuses on cross-chain interoperability and user-friendliness to get DeFi closer to massive adoption.

Coin98 Super Wallet

Coin98 is the #1 crypto super wallet designed to seamlessly connect a billion users to the crypto world safely and securely. We offer users across the globe a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem of essential services including but not limited to a non-custodial, multi-chain NFT & cryptocurrency wallet, built-in DEXs, Cross-chain Bridge & DApp Browser, a powerful Terminal, attractive Earn, Gift & Campaign, and Others.

Coin98 Super Wallet is the core component of future multichain protocols/applications, serving as one entry to access numerous DeFi services across separate blockchains. We have laid a solid foundation for bolstering our suite of products by having iterations on the wallet.

Coin98 Super Wallet has acquired more than 10M+ users worldwide, supporting 100+ blockchains, available on mobile and browser extension.

We believe multi-chain and cross-chain will be the future of blockchain. Therefore, Coin98 Super Wallet is the first product we decided to develop as a non-custodial wallet with an advanced multi-chain wallet engine. Coin98 Super Wallet, as the core of our suite of products, facilitates our users to interact with DeFi protocols on various blockchains in the most convenient way.

Coin98 Exchange

Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized exchange, providing users with liquidity from various sources, across multiple blockchains. Coin98 Exchange powers instant and secure swap for a seamless experience with the best price and slippage.

Together with Coin98 Super Wallet, Coin98 Exchange is the next-gen product of Coin98 Labs in our continued efforts to fulfill the mission of optimizing user experiences and driving DeFi mass adoption. Coin98 Exchange is an all-in-one DeFi platform that offers many services on multiple blockchains. It allows users to swap and access a variety of DeFi services in one place at ease. Coin98 Exchange aims to be the gateway from Traditional Finance (TradFi) to Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Coin98 Markets

Coin98 Markets is a website that helps users to get updates of real-time prices, as well as view the detailed information of a Token Metric from any project. More specifically, you can access the home page or the community page of a project, or filter the coins/tokens based on their Market Cap, Trading Volume, etc.

Coin98 Terminals

With the simple strategy of making the TraFi (traditional finance) necessary services available in the DeFi world, Coin98 Exchange Ecosystem also offers users a Powerful DeFi Toolbox named Coin98 Terminals with some outstanding tools:

  • Token Issuer.

  • Wallet Approval.

  • Solana Migration.

  • Multi-sig (Coming soon).

Coin98 Staking: The Staking and Earning function.

Coin98 Staking is the latest release of the Coin98 Labs to fulfill our product suite and reward for C98 holders. It will also be a simple and secure way for users to earn passive income while involved in the Coin98 Ecosystem.

Coin98 Staking offers fixed interest rates based on your staking plans. There are three different packages with suitable staking periods and amounts of tokens for users to engage.

After staking ends, users can unstake and harvest earnings directly to their wallets. Notably, stakers are unable to unstake in the first 15 days. If you unstake before the expiration date, you will only earn a fixed 2.0% floating interest rate, no matter what type of staking plans you chose.

Dagora NFT Marketplace

Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. Dagora facilitates everyone to create, collect, trade, and fully unlock the possibility of NFTs by providing comprehensive features, tools, full-stack services, and dedicated support.

Planned & under development projects

  • Coin98 Lend & Borrow: The Coin98 Lending & Borrowing platform.

  • Coin98 Mega Farm: The Farming (Liquidity Providing) platform of DeFi .

  • Coin98 Derivatives: The Coin98 derivative trading platform.

At this moment, we are still heading down for the building. Eventually, the community will figure out a better picture for all the DeFi stacks we are nurturing.

DeFi is the century's innovation, which will undoubtedly change how global finance works in the future. Coin98 Labs is proud to be a special part of the journey of making DeFi accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge and familiarity with blockchain.

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