Use with SecretJS

How to detect Coin98

Coin98 API may be undefined right after the webpage shown. Please check the How to detect Coin98 first before reading this section.

Connecting with SecretJS

SecretJS link: (opens new window)The basics of using SecretJS is similar to CosmJS. Refer to the Use with CosmJs section for more information.

One difference between CosmJS and SecretJS is that we recommend using Coin98's EnigmaUtils. By using Coin98's EnigmaUtils, you can use Coin98 to encrypt/decrypt, and the decrypted transaction messages are shown to the user in a human-readable format.

// Enabling before using the Coin98 is recommended.
// This method will ask the user whether or not to allow access if they haven't visited this website.
// Also, it will request user to unlock the wallet if the wallet is locked.
await window.keplr.enable(chainId);

const offlineSigner = window.getOfflineSigner(chainId);
**const enigmaUtils = window.getEnigmaUtils(chainId);**

// You can get the address/public keys by `getAccounts` method.
// It can return the array of address/public key.
// But, currently, Coin98 extension manages only one address/public key pair.
// XXX: This line is needed to set the sender address for SigningCosmosClient.
const accounts = await offlineSigner.getAccounts();

// Initialize the gaia api with the offline signer that is injected by Coin98 extension.
const cosmJS = new SigningCosmWasmClient(

Suggest Adding SNIP-20 Tokens to Coin98

async suggestToken(chainId: string, contractAddress: string): Promise<void>

The webpage can request the user permission to add a SNIP-20 token to Coin98's token list. Will throw an error if the user rejects the request. If a SNIP-20 with the same contract address already exists, nothing will happen.

Get SNIP-20 Viewing Key

    chainId: string,
    contractAddress: string
): Promise<string>;

Returns the viewing key of a SNIP-20 token registered in Coin98. If the SNIP-20 of the contract address doesn't exist, it will throw an error.

Interaction Options

You can use Coin98 native API’s to set interaction options even when using SecretJS. Please refer to this section.

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