Why is the C98 token issued on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, and Viction?

Ethereum is considered the most popular blockchain in DeFi, and many innovative protocols were firstly developed on Ethereum. Moreover, compared to other chains, the DeFi toolkits on Ethereum are much more developed. Hence, issuing C98 on Ethereum helps Coin98 to come up with the best and most creative protocols.

BNB Chain has the most users up until now. Since our integration with PancakeSwap, Coin98 Exchange has reached over $100M in trading volume on BNB Chain alone. The number of users and addresses also got a huge increase. While most builders on BNB Chain are anonymous, we hope Coin98 will contribute its part into expanding the DeFi ecosystem on this network. We have come up with some ideas for exclusive BNB Chain products, and hopefully, we will have the perfect chance to reveal them to you all soon.

Solana is one of the names that have been supporting Coin98’s development since the beginning. In terms of infrastructure, Solana is speedy and has a high potential of mass adoption. Being a part of the Solana ecosystem from the early stage, we hope Coin98 can take the chance to grow rapidly once the Solana season comes.

Viction (formerly known as TomoChain) is a scalable and efficient blockchain platform that offers diverse features, including its high throughput, fast confirmation times, and low transaction fees. By expanding to Viction with the TRC25 standard, it gives C98 holders the opportunity to transfer tokens without having to pay the gas fee using native tokens. Instead, they can use the token itself, leading to a more seamless and cost-effective experience for our token holders. Coin98 empowers our users by providing them with the best possible experience, and we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

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