A deeplink allows users to interact with Coin98 Super App from supported dapps with available parameters.

For the best experience with a deeplink, it is recommended to create a multichain wallet on Coin98 Super App

URL is embedded in the QR code, hyperlinks to the website, email, or online message (telegram, messenger, instagram, etc.), allowing cross-app communication.

You can use a deeplink for the following activities:

Create a URL for users to directly open the DApp and immediately interact with the desired blockchain users will use

  • Request URL:

  • Link: URL Dapps which users will interact with

  • ChainID: ChainID of the blockchain users will interact with (if users interact with Solana, Solana chainID will be redirected to the Dapps)


Create URL to let users open the exchange with the desired trading pair.

Request URL:


Supported Chains:

  • Ethereum: ETH

  • BNB Chain: BNB

  • Heco Chain: HT

  • Polygon: MATIC

  • Avalanche C-Chain: AVAX

  • KuCoin Community Chain: KCS

  • Fantom: FTM

  • Boba Network: BOBA

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