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How can I get Coin98 Token (C98)

How can I get the Coin98 (C98)?

C98 is a utility and governance of Coin98, which is issued with 3 standards including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. Users can get C98 in some easy ways below:

1.Binance Launchpad (completed)

  • Launchpad Allocation: 5% of the total supply
  • Lockup: unlock 100%
  • Hard Cap per User: 20,000 USD (266,666.667 C98)
  • Token Sale Format: Subscription
  • Supported Sessions: BNB Only
For further information about Coin98 Token Sale, please refer to this link.

2. Trade on exchanges

Coin98 is officially available on Binance,, Bingbon, FTX, PancakeSwap, where you can buy C98 with many trading pairs such as C98/BNB, C98/BTC, C98/USDT, C98/BUSD,... Each exchange will support the specific trading pairs; please have a check the pairs before trading.
We are working non-stop to get listed on various exchanges in the future.

3. Staking and Farming

Besides buying C98, users can stake CAKE to earn more C98 on PancakeSwap.
If you hold C98 in your wallet, you can earn interest by staking C98 to earn OSWAP on OpenSwap or earning more CAKE when farming C98-BNB on PancakeSwap Syrup Pool.
How to stake C98 on OpenSwap: