How can I get Coin98 (C98) Token?

C98 is a utility token that serves as the central liquidity for the application layer of Ninety Eight. Accordingly, the incentives from various products in the ecosystem are directed toward the C98 token. For instance, C98 is utilized for purchasing NFTs on Dagora, registering IDs on OneID, joining the Launchpad on Starship, and as a staking reward on Baryon.

Below are simple ways to get C98 token:

1. Trade on Exchanges

The C98 (Coin98) token is now officially available on various centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as Binance,, MEXC, Coin98 Exchange 2.0, PancakeSwap, Baryon, etc. You can easily purchase C98 using a variety of trading pairs on these exchanges such as C98/BNB, C98/BTC, C98/USDT, and many others.

To find exchanges for trading C98, check out the C98 Markets's Spot category at this link:

Quick note: Each exchange may support specific trading pairs, so kindly make sure to check the pairs available on each Exchange before diving into trading.

How to get C98 VRC25 (Viction)

There are 2 ways for you to get the C98 balance in the VRC25 standard:

  • 1 - using CEXs: transfer the C98 directly from CEX to DeFi wallets through Viction Network. At the moment, you can use BTSE, the exchange supporting C98 deposits and withdrawals through Viction Network.

  • 2 - using SpaceGate: if you have C98 on other chains (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Solana), you can use SpaceGate to convert them to Viction (VRC25 standard). Check out the document below for instructions:

How to convert tokens on SpaceGate?

2. Binance Launchpad (Completed in 2021)

  • Launchpad Allocation: 5% of the total supply

  • Lockup: unlock 100%

  • Hard Cap per User: 20,000 USD (266,666.667 C98)

  • Token Sale Format: Subscription

  • Supported Sessions: BNB Only

For further information about Coin98 Token Sale, please refer to this link.

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