Coin98 Finance

How to use Coin98 Staking

How to Stake

On Coin98 Extension

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Make sure that you have installed Coin98 Extension (attached link), then check out the staking package you want to stake
Step 3: Stake
Step 4: You will enter into detail page where you can custom your name card or card ID
Notice: there will be a charged fee to customize your name or ID.
Step 5: Confirm Stake
Step 6: Successful or Failed Announcement
Step 7: Back to Staking to view your cards

On Coin98 Super App

Step 1: Open Coin98 and select More
Step 2: Select Staking
Step 3: At the bottom right, you choose BNB Chain network and the wallet that is available C98 (BEP20) or Ethereum network and the wallet that is available C98 (ERC20).
Step 4: Scroll down to the Packages area and select the appropriate package you want to join. For example, I choose to stake 1000 C98 with a term of 3 months.
Step 5: Fill in the required information:
(1) The amount of C98 you want to stake
(2) Stake time (if you want to change)
(3) Enter the name on the card (Optional)
(4) Enter the card number you want (Optional)
Note: Coin98 Staking allows users to personalize cards by supporting naming and custom card ID numbers. You can change your name many times, but your card number can only be changed once. Each time you do this, you will have to pay 10 C98.
Step 6: Check the information and select Confirm Stake.
Step 7: Staking confirmation transaction (for the first time). Select Send
Step 8: Check the gas fee to be paid for the stake transaction, if you agree, select Confirm.
If the transaction is successful, you can check the details in the Staking section and the NFTs will be sent to the NFT tab on your Coin98.

How to Unstake

Step 1: Go to Staking or Pending Claim
Step 2: Is the button “Unstake" enabled?
If yes, you can select which packages you want to unstake
If no, you have to wait up to 15 days to unstake your package, please be patient
Step 3: Preview your unstake summary
Step 4: Confirm and Unstake
Float Rate
Step 5: Back to Claimed to view your cards.

Use Case Example

Anderson is planning to stake 10,200 C98 within a 6 months period. He goes to then selects 8% APR. He enters a detailed page and decides to customize his card.
  • Name on Card: Anderson Kozlov
  • CardID: 9898 0000 0000 0000
Then, he confirms and stakes successfully 10,200 C98(BEP20) with his summary.
  • Staking Period 6 months
  • APR 7.2%
  • Claimed Start 15 days
  • Day start 01/01/2022
  • Day end 30/06/2022
  • Stake Amount 10,200 C98
  • Holder Name 10 C98
  • Card ID 10 C98
Next day, Anderson is about to unstake his packages, but unfortunately, he isn't able to unstake his assets based on staking policy (
Only after 15 days to unstake
). He must wait until after 15 days to unstake his assets. On the 16th day, he could unstake with a float rate (2%) APR. Now he is going to unstake his package with APR 2% (~8.3835 C98). Then, 10,200 C98 added 8.3838 C98 will be in his wallet.

Change Name Card

Once a card holder wants to change his/her card name, they can go to their Staking or Pending Claim to rotate the card.
Select the 1st icon
Then input new name in the box, confirm, and pay fee (10C98)
Congratulations! Your New Cardholder Name is ready