Coin98 Finance

Sui DApps Integration

(Require Extension version 7.2.4++)
Since version 7.2.4 Coin98 Wallet Extension support Wallet Standard, it's automatically integrated with Sui Wallet Kit & Suiet Wallet Kit If you want manual integration, please read carefully guide below:

Manual Integration

Coin98 Wallet exposes Sui Wallet Interface at window.coin98.sui

API Reference:


const accounts: string[] = await window.coin98.sui.connect();
// Handle your transformation from here for list of address;

Sign Transaction Block

import type { SignedTransaction, TransactionBlock, SuiTransactionBlockResponse } from "@mysten/sui.js";
interface SuiSignTransactionBlockInput {
transactionBlock: TransactionBlock;
const txBlockInput: SuiSignTransactionBlockInput = {
transactionBlock: {
// Your tx block
const signed: SignedTransaction = window.coin98.sui.signTransactionBlock(txBlockInput)
// If you want to sign and broadcast, try the following api
const executeResult: SuiTransactionBlockResponse = await window.coin98.sui.signAndExecuteTransactionBlock(txBlockInput)

Sign Message

import { SignedMessage } from "@mysten/sui.js";
interface SuiSignMessageInput {
message: Uint8Array;
const input: SuiSignMessageInput = {
message: <Your Uint8Array message>
const signedMessage: SignedMessage = window.coin98.sui.signMessage(input);