3. Coin98 Portfolio

Coin98 Portfolio is a pure crypto portfolio tracking product by Coin98 Labs, allowing users to monitor portfolios and price changes any time of the day, track and manage the growth of their assets with multi-chain wallet addresses.

What can you do on Coin98 Portfolio?

Track and manage multi-chain wallet addresses

Coin98 Portfolio - a one-stop tracker for all your coins, has supported tracking portfolio for the following top-tier blockchain addresses: Solana, Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Avalanche C-Chain, Tron, TomoChain, Near, Polkadot, Kusama, and Celo easily and conveniently.

Coin98 Portfolio is constantly seeking for new integrations to stay on the cutting edge of DeFi.

Gain insight and keep track of Whales’ or Top-holders’ wallets

Users can now absorb more useful information/ data from the portfolio performance of top-holders’/ whales' wallets and get suggestions to improve performance or to forecast the market trend/ fluctuation within the selected chains.

Enjoy the search function

This is one of the main features of Coin98 Portfolio. You only need to insert the wallet addresses you want to track, no need for Passphrases and Private Keys. With just one address, the system will automatically detect and suggest the corresponding chain. If it is a multi-chain address, there will be suggestions on which chain you should select.

Coin98 Portfolio also supports saving 10 recent addresses to make it easier for users to manage their assets.

Stay up-to-date with real-time data

Coin98 Portfolio offers advanced real-time charting so users can go beyond the market cap rankings with integrated market charts, automatically updated gas-gwei coupled with sending/receiving history on the selected chains/ tokens.

Users can quickly view all assets and see how the value of the portfolio changes via the performance chart. We automatically and continuously synchronize users’ crypto balances and transactions.

Ensure safety and security

Except for keeping the users’ wallet addresses, Coin98 Portfolio does not require, track or sell any personal information, Private Key/ Passphrase, or bank account to third parties, making it a great option to protect your tokens/coins and your money.

The "Hide balance" feature keeps your asset safe by preventing prying eyes (or intruders) from knowing how much your account holds.

Enhanced UX/UI

Coin98 Portfolio's UX/UI design is impeccable, with a simple, fast and intuitive interface. In addition, we also offer an attractive “dark mode” to users, with visual limitations as well as low-level lighting.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new investment frontier. Keeping track of your crypto asset is not just a good idea, it's the smart thing to do.

Let's monitor your crypto profits and losses, with your own portfolio right now by accessing our easy-to-use platform: Coin98 Portfolio.