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How to switch Web3 Priority on Coin98 Extension
Web3 Priority on Coin98 Extension is a feature that helps users easily switch wallet connections between supporting blockchains to experience decentralized applications (DApps) easily and conveniently.
Depending on the network, dApps will be on different blockchains, you must adjust the corresponding Web3 Priority to use. This article will use PancakeSwap as an example.
Step 1: Go to the homepage of PancakeSwap -> Click Connect Wallet -> Connect to Coin98 Extension;
Step 2: Since PancakeSwap is based on BNB Smart Chain, users need to switch Web3 Priority to be able to connect and use it. Here is how to switch Web3 Priority.
On the main screen, select the Web3 Priority bar at the top -> Select the responsive blockchain of the DApp from the chain list:
After switching to the respective Web3 Priority, the user can use their desired DApp. These steps will be executive similarly on other DApps.
In the case of using multichain DApp with Wrong Network error, users need to switch the corresponding network in Web3 Priority.
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