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Why can't I send USDT to other wallets?

USDT is available on various blockchains. The most common standards are USDT-ERC20 and USDT-TRC20.
● USDT-ERC20 is a token issued by the Ethereum blockchain. To swap USDT-ERC20, that required ETH for gas fee.
● USDT-TRC20 is a token issued by the Tron blockchain. To swap USDT-TRC20, that required Tron (TRX) for gas fee.
Prepare the same with other tokens. Make sure you have enough of the correct amount of token to pay for the gas fee.
  • Solana (SOL and SPL token) needs SOL for gas fee
  • Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) needs BNB-BEP20 for gas fee
  • HECO Chain needs HT-HRC20 for gas fee
Note: Make sure your blockchain is correct and prepare your gas fee before making any transaction