How to trade natively on Coin98 Extension

Step 1: Open Coin98 Extension → Select the Swap icon in the bottom navigation bar;

Step 2: Select the desired blockchain. For example, we will choose BNB Smart Chain;

Step 3: Fill in the following information:

  • Select the wallet containing the token/coin you want to trade.

  • Choose the trading token from the list. For those tokens that haven’t been listed yet, you can paste the Contract and trade as usual. We will use the C98/USDT trading pair for example.

Step 4:

  • Slide the bar to reach the desired trading amount or fill in the number of tokens.

  • Slide the bar of Gwei as you want.

  • You can adjust the following parameters in the Setting section: + Slippage Tolerance: This is one of the most common reasons for swap failure. You can trade with the default slippage rate on the wallet (0,5%), or customize it to ensure the highest success rate. + Default Pair: The default tokens for each trading pair.

Step 5: Carefully read the information below before deciding to trade:

  • Rate & Inverse rate: The price ratio of the 2 tokens.

  • Price impact: Estimated % difference in price when swapping compared to the displayed price.

  • Fee:

    - Liquidity Provider Fee: The amount used to pay the liquidity providers.

    - SuperLink Fee: The amount used to find the best route. The fee is about 0.1% of the total amount as the default

    - UI fee: The fee for the swap interface and operation. The fee is about 0.5% of the total amount as the default.

  • Gwei bar: A feature that allows users to adjust the amount of Gas fee (transaction fee) according to their needs by sliding the bar.

  • Share URL: Share the trading pair via URL.

Step 6: Click Approve/Swap, then review the order again. If you agree to swap, click Confirm to finish.


  • The default gas fee on Coin98 Extension has been set for the highest speed with the most reasonable cost.

  • The arrow in the middle of the trading interface is used to switch between the buying and selling positions. You need to check the tokens’ positions carefully before making any transaction.

  • You need to have the corresponding blockchain wallet and a proper balance of father tokens in this wallet to pay the fee before trading.

  • The Approve step is only displayed in the first trade. In the following trades, you only need to click Swap to complete the transactions.

  • Coin98 Wallet will charge 0.6% per swap transaction for the Super Link fee and UI fee.

After swapping successfully, you can go to the main screen or the Trade History section at the top right corner of the trading interface to check the traded tokens if needed.

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