How to synchronize Coin98 Super Wallet with Coin98 Extension

Exporting Private Key/Seed Phrase from Coin98 Super Wallet

Private Key/Seed Phrase must be saved in a safe place when users create wallets on Coin98 Super Walet. You can copy your backed-up Private Key/Seed Phrase and move on to the next step.

However, if you accidentally deleted, or forgot your keys, then here’s how to retrieve them on Coin98 Super Wallet:

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super Wallet & select Manage Wallets;

Step 2: Click the setting icon at the top right corner;

Step 3: Click on the setting icon next to the wallet you want;

Step 4: Click Show Private Key & Seed Phrase.

Step 5: Copy or export the Seed Phrase/Private Key.

Restoring wallets on Coin98 Extension

Now, the most important part of this guide:

Step 1: Open Coin98 Extension;

Step 2: Click Restore Wallet on the initial screen;

Step 3: Set up a password if you haven’t done it yet. Choose between 2 options:

  • Matrix Password;

  • Text Password.

Read more at How to install Coin98 Extension Wallet for Google Chrome

Step 4: After setting up the password, choose the icon that matches the wallet you want to restore (Multi-Chain is recommended);

Step 5: Name the wallet, enter or paste the Private Key or Seed Phrase to restore;

Step 6: Select wallet standards. In each standard wallet option, you need to determine which standard you are importing to make the right choice.

Coin98 Extension supports both New and Old Standard recovery for wallets on Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche C-chain, Viction (formerly Tomochain), Celo, Injective, The Open Network, Persistence, Tron, Aptos (Mainnet/Devnet and Testnet).

Step 7: Click Restore to complete.

By completing these simple steps, you have successfully synchronized your Coin98 Super Wallet with your Coin98 Extension. Manage your assets anytime, anywhere with both our versions from now on!

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