How To Transfer Coins From Binance Exchange To Coin98 Super Wallet and Vice Versa

How to withdraw coins/tokens from Binance Exchange to Coin98 Super Wallet

The Process is the same on both of the Coin98 Super Wallet and the Coin98 Extension Wallet, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open and log in to the Binance app. In the main interface, choose Wallets, then click Spot.

If you don’t have a Binance account, read the instructions on how to register for an account and start using Binance Exchange.

Step 2: Click Withdraw

Step 3: Enter the coin/token’s name that you want to withdraw on the search bar. To demonstrate, we will take an example of the C98 token.

Step 4: Click C98 Wallet and select the Send via Crypto Network option. You’ll need to insert the receiving wallet address, and the amount on this screen.

Step 5: Get the C98 Receiving Address from Coin98 Super Wallet/Coin98 Extension.

Open Coin98 super Wallet/Coin98 Extension => Click the Receive icon on the Wallets interface => Search for the C98 token and select the corresponding blockchain => Choose the wallet address you want to receive C98 token => Click the Copy Address icon.

Step 6: Go back to Binance and fill in these 3 types of information precisely to withdraw:

  • Address: Paste the C98 wallet address that you have copied.

  • Network: According to the Receiving Wallet’s network, choose the appropriate wallet (the networks are supported C98 on Binance: BEP-20, ERC-20).

  • Amount: the amount you want to withdraw.

Note: Binance will charge transaction fees when you withdraw coins/tokens. The fee will be deducted directly from the assets you’ve withdrawn.

Step 7: After you have filled in all information, click Withdraw

Step 8: Enter the Confirmation Code from your mobile or email, then click Submit, and wait a few minutes for the system to process the transaction.

You can perform the same token/coin withdrawal steps on the Binance website version.

How to send a coin/token from Coin98 Super Wallet to Binance Exchange?

The Process is the same on both the Coin98 Super Wallet and Coin98 Extension Wallet, youcan follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Coin98 Super Wallet, select the Wallet tab or directly choose a token and click Send.

Step 2: In the Sending interface, you need to choose and fill in the following information:

  • Wallets: Choose the wallet which contains the asset you want to send.

  • Coin/Token: Choose the coin/token you want to send.

  • Amount: Enter the sending amount.

  • Recipient: Enter the Receiving Wallet.

  • Message: Optional, you can leave it blank

Step 3: To fill in the Receiving Wallet address, go to Binance and get the wallet address by doing the same steps as withdrawing coins/tokens.

  • Open the app, choose Wallets, and at the Spot section => choose Deposit.

  • Click USDT.

  • Choose a network and copy the address of that network (in this article, we choose the TRC-20 network).

Step 4: Paste the address you have copied. Slide the Send button and wait a few minutes for the system to process.

Note: For the process to be successful, you need to have TRX to pay for the transaction fee when you send tokens on the Tron Blockchain. Each transaction will cost about 28 TRX and the fee is charged by Tron Blockchain, not Coin98.

Step 5: After sending, the received coin will be displayed in the Spot section on Binance.

The process of depositing/withdrawing the crypto assets between Coin98 Super Wallet and other exchanges is similar to those steps on Binance, you can refer to and follow them.

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