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How To Transfer Coins From Binance Exchange To Coin98 Super App and Vice Versa

How to withdraw coins/tokens from Binance Exchange to Coin98 Super App?

The Process is the same on both of the Coin98 Super App and the Coin98 Extension Wallet, users can follow these steps:
Step 1: Open and log in to the Binance app. In the main interface, choose Wallets, then click Spot.
If you don’t have a Binance account, read the instructions on how to register for an account and start using Binance Exchange.
Step 2: Click Withdraw
Step 3: Enter the coin/token’s name that you want to withdraw on the search bar. To demonstrate, we will take an example of the C98 token.
Step 4: Click C98 Wallet and select Send via Crypto Network option. You’ll need to insert the receiving wallet address, and the amount on this screen.
Step 5: Get the C98 Receiving Address from Coin98 Super App/Coin98 Extension.
Open Coin98 super App/Coin98 Extension => Click the Receive icon on the Wallets interface => Search for the C98 token and select the corresponding blockchain => Choose the wallet address you want to receive C98 token => Click the Copy Address icon.
Coin98 Super Wallet
Coin98 Extension
Step 6: Go back to Binance and fill in these 3 types of information precisely to withdraw:
  • Address: Paste the C98 wallet address that you have copied.
  • Network: According to the Receiving Wallet’s network, choose the appropriate wallet (the networks are supported C98 on Binance: BEP-20, ERC-20).
  • Amount: the amount you want to withdraw.
Note: Binance will charge transaction fees when you withdraw coins/tokens. The fee will be deducted directly from the assets you’ve withdrawn.
Step 7: After you have filled in all information, click Withdraw
Step 8: Enter the Confirmation Code from your mobile or email, then click Submit, and wait a few minutes for the system to process the transaction.
You can perform the same token/coin withdrawal steps on the Binance website version.

How to deposit a coin/token from Coin98 Super App to Binance Exchange?

The Process is the same on both of the Coin98 Super App and Coin98 Extension Wallet, users can follow these steps:
Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App, select Wallet tab or directly choose a token and click Send.
Step 2: In the Sending interface, you need to choose and fill the following information:
  • Wallets: Choose the wallet which contains the asset you want to send.
  • Coin/Token: Choose the coin/token you want to send.
  • Amount: Enter the sending amount.
  • Recipient: Enter the Receiving Wallet.
  • Message: Optional, you can leave it blank
Step 3: To fill the Receiving Wallet address, go to Binance and get the wallet address by doing the same steps as withdrawing coins/tokens.
  • Open the app, choose Wallets, in the Spot section choose Deposit.
  • Click USDT.
  • Choose a network and copy the address of that network (in this article, we choose TRC-20 network).
Step 4: Paste the address you have copied. Slide the Send button and wait a few minutes for the system to process.
Note: For the process to be successful, you need to have TRX to pay for the transaction fee when you send tokens on the Tron Blockchain. Each transaction will cost about 2 TRX.
Step 5: After sending, the received coin will be displayed in the Spot section on Binance.
The process of depositing/withdrawing the crypto assets between Coin98 Super App and other exchanges is similar to those steps on Binance, you can refer to and follow them.