Why can't I send USDT to other wallets?

USDT is available on various blockchains. The most common standards are USDT-ERC20 and USDT-TRC20.

● USDT with the ERC20 standard is a token issued by the Ethereum blockchain. To send USDT-ERC20, kindly ensure that you already prepared ETH ERC20 to pay for the gas fee.

● USDT with the TRC20 standard is a token issued by the Tron blockchain. To send USDT-TRC20, kindly ensure that you already prepared TRX (Tron) to pay for the gas fee.

Kindly prepare the same token as the Gas fee for the transfer of other tokens which have the same standard as above.


On DeFi platforms like Coin98, before conducting any transactions on any blockchain, you need to prepare the father token of that blockchain to pay the gas fee. This is the fee required by the blockchain to execute transactions.

For example:

  • Ethereum requires ETH (ERC20) for the gas fee

  • Solana (SOL and SPL token) requires SOL for the gas fee

  • BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) requires BNB (BEP20/ BSC) for the gas fee

  • HECO Chain requires HT (HRC20) for the gas fee


  • Each blockchain requires a different amount of gas fee for each transaction.

  • The fee that is shown on Coin98 Super Wallet is just estimated, since the gas fee can change from time to time, depending on the real-time condition of the network. Besides, if the amount of the father token you have is too close to the estimated fee, the transaction may still fail, so make sure that you have more than that.

More details on Gas fees: https://coin98.net/what-is-gas-fee

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