Coin98 Mobile Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet and gateway to decentralized finance.

What users can do with Coin98 Mobile Wallet?

  • Store, send & receive thousands of tokens/coins

You can securely store and easily send or receive thousands of tokens issued on popular blockchains.

Currently, Coin98 Mobile Wallet supports:

+ Bitcoin (BTC)

+ Ethereum (ETH & ERC20)

+ Solana (SOL & SPL)

+ TRON (TRX & TRC20)

+ Binance Chain (BNB & BEP2)

+ Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

+ TomoChain (TOMO & TRC21)

+ Celo (CELO & CUSD)

+ Polkadot (DOT)

+ Kusama (KSM)

+ Huobi Eco Chain (HRC20)

+ Near (NEAR)

+ Avalanche (AVAX)

and more to come soon ...

  • Optimize transaction fee and speed

Coin98 Mobile Wallet automatically optimizes transaction fees and speed. It could help you achieve significant savings in transaction fees.

Besides, you can also adjust the fee gas by sliding the fee gas bar according to your purpose.

  • Trade DEXs directly on Coin98 Mobile Wallet

By integrating Uniswap, SushiSwap, SerumSwap, PancakeSwap, MDEX and Luna DEX, Coin98 Wallet enables you to trade directly on Coin98 Mobile Wallet. Not only does it help you optimize the transaction fee, but it also simplifies the swapping process.

  • Web3 DApp Browser

With Web3 Dapp Browser, you can instantly access to most well-known Dapps without leaving Coin98 Mobile Wallet. From now on, you can experience Staking, Farming, Swap, or any utilities on Coin98 Wallet and flexibly choose the wallet you want to connect.

  • Manage portfolio

On Coin98 Mobile Wallet, you can not only securely store funds but also easily and smartly manage your portfolio.

Coin98 Mobile Wallet provides 3 types of portfolios: Exchange Portfolio, DeFi Assets Portfolio and Freely-Added Portfolio.

Exchange Portfolio: Using API connection to popular exchanges.

DeFi Assets Portfolio: Managing assets in all of your decentralized wallets created or restored on Coin98 Mobile Wallet.

Freely-Added Portfolio: Freely adding tokens to this type of portfolio and track them.

  • Track market movement

Coin98 Mobile Wallet provides market analysis tools so that you will always have skin in the game.

How to download Coin98 Mobile Wallet

Coin98 Mobile Wallet is now available on App Store and CH Play.

Let’s learn and download Coin98 Mobile Wallet here.