What is Multisend?

Multi-send is a tool that makes it easy for users to send tokens to multiple addresses simultaneously in just one single transaction. Currently, Coin98 Exchange supports the multi-send on Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, HECO Chain, Klaytn, GateChain, Celo, OKExChain, Tomochain, Avalanche (C-chain), Fantom, Kucoin Community Chain, Arbitrum on XDai. This feature will soon be available on other blockchains.

Previously, Multi-send has been a feature on Coin98 Extension Wallet, and then it has been added on Coin98 Exchange as a particular tool to expand the options for users.

The ultimate of Multi send on Coin98 Exchange


Ease of use and intuitive user experience flows are two of the significant barriers to mainstream DeFi adoption.

Coin98 Exchange provides a user-friendly interface with plenty of valuable tools such as Multi-send, Token Issuers, and Multi-sig and Revoke are expectedly coming. Users don't need to look for an intermediary; carefully check their trust. From now on, you can access Coin98 Exchange and directly send tokens to the number of addresses you want.

Convenience & time saving

If a user wants to send 10 C98 (BEP20) to address A, 30 C98 to address B, and 5 C98 to address C; they would need to do one transaction at a time and repeat that process. That is just an easy example; how about sending a token to 100 or 1000 addresses?

Coin98 Exchange's multi-send allows users to deploy the transaction in just one time with a flexible amount of tokens, which helps them save time, energy, and money.


As you might know, Coin98 Exchange's Multi-send is being audited by Slowmist; a top international company focused on blockchain ecological security. It served many global well-known projects such as Huobi, Binance, 1Inch, etc. Through this auditing procedure, we want to make sure trust, transparency, and safety for users.

In the meantime, users need to install the Coin98 Extension Wallet to enjoy the whole Coin98 ecosystem, including the multi-send feature. This wallet is non-custodial; users have complete control of their assets, no one can access your funds except you.

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