Solana Migration

Solana Wallet migration is one of the fascinating tools in Terminal, here is the explanation and its guide for you.

What is Solana Wallet Migration?

Unlike other Blockchains, SOL addresses and SPL addresses are totally different, making it hard for users to utilize. If users send SPL tokens to SOL addresses, the network will automatically initiate another SPL address instead of navigating to the existing Wallet. That is the main reason why assets are divided into many single SPL addresses.

Solana Wallet Migration is a solution that helps users to migrate their associated SPL tokens to a single SOL wallet address and prevent the fragmentation of users’ assets when interacting with Solana DApps.

How to migrate fragmented SPL tokens to an SPL wallet

Step 1: Access Coin98 Terminal.

Step 2: At this screen, you can check:

  • The tokens are being stored in more than one SPL address and their amount.

  • The current address and the newly initiated address after Migration.

Click the Migrate => Confirm to start the process, and wait for seconds to complete the process.

After the migration process is completed, your token will transfer out of choosing a wallet.


  • Users only use this tool when they have a token appearing in many SPL tokens on the same Solana Wallet; in other words, can’t use to migrate the SPL tokens in different Solana wallets.

  • This migration process will take a minor network fee, which SOL charges to confirm the transaction.

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