Token Issuer

Token Issuer is a special tool that enables Coin98 Exchange users to issue tokens on their favorite blockchains or even carry their names at their disposal. Currently, Coin98 has not charged any service fee on this tool, users just need to pay the network fee (gas) and immediately possess their own tokens in just a few minutes with no coding experience.

Features of Token Issuer tool

Simple and Easy to use

Token Issuer allows you to quickly issue your own token without any technical skills. Your token can be personalized in any way you want it to be, including the token supply, name, logo, and more. So just let your creativity flow, Coin98 Token Issuer will handle all of the tedious details.

The Coin98 Wallet on the corresponding chain you want to issue tokens will automatically connect with the system for this step. Once the transaction is confirmed, contracts are deployed, the initial supply of the token will be sent to the address owner and ready to be used. The whole process will be in the most seamless and easy-to-use way possible.

Issuing tokens on Multi-chain in one interface

Currently, Coin98 Token Issuer is supporting user create tokens on three different blockchains: Ehereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), HECO Chain (HRC20), whose token standards are accepted by most exchanges. In the near future users can also experience this tool on Tron (TRC10) and Solana (SPL).

This technology benefits the standardization of token development and removes the need for developers to design their own blockchain. If you need your token verified by Explorer Browser (Etherscan, BscScan, Hecoscan, …) please note that by generating a token using Coin98 Token Issuer, your smart contracts are auto-verified.

Taking full control of your own token supply

Coin98 Token Issuer offers users two options to manage and control the supply when issuing the token:

  • Token Burn: This check specifies whether your tokens can be burned to decrease the supply, often aimed at keeping inflation low or reducing the total circulating supply of coins.

  • Token Mint: This check specifies whether your tokens can be created to increase the initial supply, allowing the token owner to “mint” more tokens whenever they want.

Ensuring higher security and safety for the issued tokens

In Coin98 Token Issuer, the wallet address which is connected with the system to pay the network fee can be separated from the owner’s address - the address receiving all the issued tokens. The owner's address plays a crucial role in keeping your issued token safe.

Therefore, more security layers to this address will secure your own assets. And the Multisig feature - an advanced tool coming in the future will be the added value for Token Issuer.

The owner address which is generated by Coin98 Wallet with the Multisig technology can help distribute the risk. For example, in a project having many co-founders, if hackers want access to their funds, they’re going to need several keys from each co-founder to do so.

Similarly, Multisig ensures that no single person in the project may withdraw funds from the account unilaterally. The decision-making process can become more distributed and consensual.