What is a hybrid wallet?

Hybrid wallet can be said to be a new concept associated with the birth of Zen Card. Zen Card is a "hybrid" between hot and cold wallets, distilling the advantages of these two types of wallets and eliminating the shortcomings. In short, the Zen Card retains the convenience of a hot wallet, while providing the same security as a cold wallet at an affordable price.

How can Zen card be used?

Zen Card can be used as:

  • E-wallet: Zen Card is used like another normal e-wallet. Users can receive and store coins/tokens and perform transactions with them.

  • Electronic business card: coming so

What are the benefits of using Zen Card?

Zen Card has an innovative operating mechanism that helps increase security and minimize the risk of users' wallets being hacked. With an optimal price and compact size, Zen Card is also a reasonable choice for users. Personalize your experience and increase the security of your assets.

  • High security: After encryption, the key is separated into 2 parts, one part is stored on the mobile's secure partition, the other part is stored on the Zen Card. So even if you lose your Zen Card or lose your Mobile, hackers have no way to decode the original Key and users can restore their wallet. Every time you need to sign a transaction, the user connects Zen Card to Mobile, at this time Coin98 Super Wallet will set up a Secure & Private environment to synthesize the realtime Key, after signing the transaction, the Key that has just been synthesized will be immediately destroyed. That helps increase security compared to hot wallets.

  • More convenient than cold wallets: compact, easy to carry like normal bank cards, very quick connection operation (no need to enter a password or do complicated connection operations

How many wallets can a Zen Card store up to?

Zen Card can store one multi-chain wallet at a time , and users can easily change the wallet stored on Zen Card at any time. Zen Card's multi-chain wallet currently supports more than 90 different blockchains and will have more in the future, meeting the storage and transaction needs of every user.

Can multiple Zen Cards be stored in the same wallet?

Currently, a multichain wallet on a device can only be used with one Zen Card. In the future, the Zen couple feature may be developed, allowing users to use 2 Zen Cards with the same wallet.

What tokens & NFTs can the wallet store and can it be stored in the same wallet?

Zen Card Wallet is a multi-chain wallet, currently supporting more than 90 different blockchains, including the most popular blockchains on the market such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Solana, Arbitrum, Tron, Bitcoin, etc. ( details ) . Users can store all tokens and NFTs on these supported blockchains in the same multichain wallet.

Please note that a multichain wallet is a wallet composed of single wallets on each blockchain, so each coin/token will be on the single wallet of the corresponding chain.

Is connecting and trading from Zen Card easier than other wallets?

Using Zen Card wallet is easier and more convenient than normal cold wallets. It is similar to using a hot wallet, but the only difference is that users need to swipe their Zen card into the device each time they confirm a transaction or perform security-related actions such as exporting a recovery key. Users will not need to enter a password every time they use the Zen card or perform complicated connection operations like with a cold wallet, it only takes about 3 seconds to swipe the Zen Card for each transaction.

Are there any risks in using Zen Card?

There are basic risks when operating on blockchain that users can encounter when using any type of wallet:

  • Risk of losing wallet if user loses/reveals key. An important thing to note is that, no matter what type of wallet you use, users need to carefully store the wallet's recovery key (Seed Phrase/Private Key). If you lose or reveal your recovery key, whether it's a cold wallet or a Zen Card, you can lose your assets.

  • If a user signs a scam contract, they are still at risk of losing their wallet and assets as usual.

Particularly for Zen Card: the risk of users overwriting the existing wallet in Zen Card without saving the recovery key of that wallet. Users should note that each Zen Card can only hold one wallet at a time, any operation to create/restore/transfer a wallet to the Zen Card will replace the previously existing wallet. Therefore, always remember to store your recovery key carefully at the time of wallet creation so that you can restore your Zen wallet to a normal hot wallet in case you no longer want to use it with your Zen Card.

If I lose my Zen Card, will I lose my assets?

In case you lose your Zen card, you can always restore the wallet containing the assets using Seed Phrase and use it as a normal hot wallet. If you have another Zen card, you can continue to migrate this wallet to the new Zen card and use it as before. This means that losing your Zen card does not mean losing your assets. Besides, the Zen card's encryption mechanism will ensure that if your card falls into the hands of strangers, they cannot "hack" your wallet and assets.

An important thing to note is that, no matter what type of wallet you use, users need to carefully store the wallet's recovery key (Seed Phrase/Private Key). If you lose or reveal the recovery key, whether it is a cold wallet, hot wallet or Zen Card, you can lose your assets.

How to preserve Zen Card to avoid damage?

To effectively preserve Zen Cards and ensure their stability, you can take the following steps:

  • Do not leave the card near devices with strong magnetic fields or X-ray emissions;

  • Protects against water and dust;

  • Avoid exposing the card to extremely high or low temperatures;

  • Checking daily;

  • Avoid strong impac

How long does it take to receive Zen Card?


  • Ho Chi Minh City: 24h-36h

  • Southern regions (outside Ho Chi Minh City): 1-3 days

  • Central and Northern regions: 3-5 days

Global: 15-90 days depending on the specific geographic location of the customer (buy through https://zencard.app/GetZenNow_Global )

  • For pre-ordered items, the delivery start time will be notified later.

See more at Delivery Policy.

Can the buyer check the goods when receiving the Zen Card?

Customers can visually inspect the Goods actually received, compare and contrast the Goods received with the Goods ordered in the Order.

In case the Company incorrectly closes an order according to the Customer's Order, the Customer can carry out the return procedure. In case the Customer requests a refund, the expected refund processing time will be as specified in Article 3 of Return Policy.

In case the Company packs the goods according to the Order, but the Customer changes its needs, in this case, the Company will not support the return of the Goods.

In what cases can customers exchange Zen Card?
  • Goods with errors or defects are identified as manufacturing errors or shipping errors of the Company that the Customer is unlikely to detect during the process of receiving the goods;

  • Goods are intact, complete with packaging, boxes, bags, and quantity of Goods;

  • The goods are not scratched, cracked, damp, chemically exposed, and have been repaired;

  • Unused goods (except for returns due to technical errors);

  • Customers provide the Company with complete and valid invoices.

Within three (3) days from the date the Customer signs the receipt of goods, the Customer has the right to return the Goods if the above conditions are fully met. In this case, the amount the Customer has paid to the Company is expected to be refunded to the account where the Customer made the payment (send money order) after 7-14 working days for Customers paying via Vnpay payment gateway and after 1 working day for customers paying through Momo payment gateway. Shipping costs incurred in connection with returning goods will be paid by the Company.

Within fourteen (14) days from the date the Customer signs the receipt of goods, the Customer has the right to exchange the Goods if they meet the provisions of Article 2 of the Policy . Shipping costs incurred in connection with the exchange of Goods will be paid by the Company

How long is the Zen Card warranty period?

The Goods are fully warranted against defective materials or manufacturing or operational errors for a period of 12 months from the date the respective Order is created. For Goods that have been processed for exchange according to the provisions of the Return Policy , the warranty period for the above Goods will be equal to the remaining warranty period of the first purchased Goods that have been processed for exchange Goods.

In what cases does the warranty apply?

The Company and/or its authorized Warranty Centers are only responsible for providing warranty for Goods that fully meet the following conditions:

  • Goods are genuine supplied by the Company and/or distributed through the Company's retail stores or authorized agents of the Company;

  • The warranty policy only applies to Goods that are defective due to the Company and the manufacturer;

  • Customers requesting warranty must present a valid value-added invoice, or a valid Order (paid) corresponding to the Goods for which warranty is requested. Valid value-added invoices must be created by the Company or parties authorized by the Company;

Goods for which warranty is required must still be within the warranty period as prescribed in Article 2 of the Policy and must not fall into the cases specified in Articles 3.2 and 3.3 of the Policy.

What cases are outside the warranty scope?
  • Goods do not have a clear, valid purchase certificate.

  • Goods have been tampered with, abused, or damaged during transportation and use.

  • Goods damaged due to normal wear and tear, accident, fire, improper use, handling, installation, abuse, overuse, misuse, design, or promotion Manufacturer's report, Goods are damaged due to external forces.

  • Goods affected by insects, vermin, and other animals (including but not limited to lizards, cockroaches, rats).

  • Goods damaged by fire, and/or liquid.

  • Natural disasters or force majeure events.

  • The Company does not warrant for Goods that are broken, broken, scratched, rusted, peeling paint, worn out, etc. due to use, or due to natural wear and tear.

  • Goods are used for purposes other than normal consumption, or used for purposes other than those announced by the Company.

See more at Warranty Policy.

Zen Card official support channels

Email: support@zencard.io

Live Chat: livechat.coin98.com or access the Live chat section right on the Coin98 Super Wallet app.

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