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Coin98 Wallet
Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial & NFT wallet and gateway to the world of DeFi.
Coin98 Wallet is a crypto wallet used to store, send and receive multi-chain digital assets. In addition, Coin98 Wallet aims to be the best DeFi gateway, providing a smooth and seamless experience for all users, including beginners.
Recently, users have been able to trade crypto assets with many DEXs integrated into their Coin98 Mobile Wallet. You also can connect to the DeFi apps through Coin98 Mobile Wallet Dapps Browser or Coin98 Extension Wallet.
Coin98 Wallet now has 3 versions: Coin98 Mobile Wallet, Coin98 Extension Wallet, Coin98 Web Wallet. Let’s experience it now!
Coin98 Mobile Wallet:
Coin98 Extension Wallet:
Coin98 Web Wallet:
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