CUSD on Ethereum

Any of the following methods below can acquire CUSD:

  • Converting directly on the Coin98 Dollar platform

  • Converting directly on Coin98 Super App

  • Swapping on Coin98 & other decentralized exchanges

Because CUSD is a decentralized stablecoin fully collateralized by BUSD (on BNB Smart Chain) or USDC (on Solana and Ethereum), users can convert BUSD/ USDC to CUSD with a ratio of 1:1.

Before converting, please note to:

Converting directly on Coin98 Super App

Step 1: Click More from the home screen → Select Coin98 Dollar from the Terminal;

Step 2: Select Ethereum & the wallet address as desired;

Step 3: Slide the bar or type to input the amount → Click Convert;

Step 4: Click Convert again to confirm.

Converting on the Coin98 Dollar platform

Step 1: Visit; your multichain wallet will be automatically connected with this platform. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before confirmation.

Step 2: Choose Ethereum. The wallet will automatically switch to the corresponding network.

Step 3: Drag the bar to adjust the amount you wish to convert, then click Convert;

Step 4: Choose Convert again to confirm.

Kindly click the clock icon at the top right corner to see the history.

Swapping on DEXs

After its launch, CUSD was listed on many popular DEXs on the market, which means users can buy CUSD directly from these trading platforms.

For CUSD (ERC20), you can swap on Coin98's native swap or on KyberSwap.

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