Coin98 Finance

How to participate in the Coin98 Earn

This is a brief tutorial for newbies to enjoy the game.
On the Coin98 Earn quiz page, you’ll see all the information needed to prepare for the game.
Click on the Quiz you want to join.
The box on the top right represents the total rewards, how many questions each player has to “confront”, as well as the required duration to finish the quizzes.

Log in and get started

Choose [Login] at the top right corner or [Please log in to take a quiz].
You have 2 ways to log in:
  • Using QR Code: If you join the game by Coin98 Extension, you can open Coin98 Super App on your mobile phone to scan the QR Code. Click on the QR Scan symbol on the top right screen. After scanning the QR Code, click on [Connect] to connect your wallet.
  • Manually fill in the Login box with your email and password, then click Login to finish. In case you don’t have a Coin98 account, create one by following this guideline.
After completing the login process, by choosing [Take the Quiz!] you are moving to the main part of the show!

Now it’s time to get in the battle!

There is limited time for you to complete all the questions, and remember to check how much time you have left on the green bar. Choose your answer by clicking in the box (A, B, C, D or E).
You can move to the next question or turn back to the previous one by clicking on the arrow icon.
Of course, you are not obliged to answer all the quizzes in order, you can choose whatever question you want, by clicking directly on the question number in the line below.
After that, the question would be marked as answered (with the yellow color), and the unfinished ones would be in gray. Read the question carefully, and think twice before choosing your answer!
After finishing all the quizzes, confirm you are ready to submit by clicking the box [Confirm].
Wait for your result board to emerge on the screen This exhibits your score, total time, and ranking among users.