What are liquidity sources on Coin98 Exchange?

Coin98 Exchange takes sources liquidities from the top-tier DEXs in the crypto space such ass Uniswap, SushiSwap (Ethereum), PancakeSwap & MDEX (BNB Smart Chain), MDEX (HECO Chain), Pangolin & Trader Joe (Avalanche), QuickSwap (Polygon), etc. Along with this, Coin98 Exchange adds a Super Link mechanism to aggregate liquidity, thereby finding the shortest path and best price for users in just one transaction. We're intensifying the effort to expand the liquidity sources to enhance the user trading experience on Coin98 Exchange.

Besides aggregating liquidity from numerous DEXs, Coin98 Exchange plans to open liquidity pools, where users can become liquidity providers and earn some kinds of rewards and appropriate incentives. We will announce this program soon.

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