Coin98 Isolated Pool on Solend

Coin98 Isolated Pool with 5 reserves C98/ UXD/ USDH/ UST/ PAI is now available on Solend. Deposit them as collateral to borrow money or lend them out for a high APR.

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What is Coin98 Isolated Pool?

The Coin98 pool contains C98 and a basket of stablecoins ( UXD/ USDH/ UST/ PAI). More stablecoins will be added to this pool in the future.

Users can now deposit them as collateral for loans against each other. The Coin98 Isolated pool can bring capital efficiency for users when LTV is pushed up to 65%.


The following incentives will be offered for lending the Coin98 pool:

These rewards will be available for 1 month, beginning 3 hours after the pool opens.

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