Coin98 Finance

What is X-Point?

X-Point is Coin98 Super App’s points reward system, where you can earn X by doing certain tasks. This means X is not a token.

How to check X-Point?

You can check how many X-Points you got and your X-Points history under the Account tab.
From the Coin98 Super App version 10.0.7, users only need to restore and use their wallets immediately without having to provide any personal information.
However, to improve the experience on the application as well as provide users with membership programs, Coin98 Super App still has the option to register/login to the application by email in the Account tab. The use of email is optional and independent of the user's assets.
Some benefits users can get when registering/logging in by email in the Account tab of Coin98 Super App:
  • Save transaction history and user's favorite settings, do not waste time re-setting after each login.
  • Participate in member incentive programs such as the X-Point reward system, Partner Program, various Coin98's thrilling events to grab the chance to earn and more to come.
Thus, to join Coin98 Super App's X-Point reward system, you must register or log in to an account on Coin98 Super App.

What is X-Point for?

X-Point is our way to encourage users, especially new ones to try out various features on Coin98 Super App. At the same time, through the X-Point system, we got a chance to give back to you all for using and supporting the Coin98 Super App.
Hence, as of right now, once you reach a tier of X-Point, you can:
(1) claim various prizes, and tokens through X-Store;
(2) have exclusive rights;
(3) experience various “games” built around X-Point (and did I say NFT?!)

How to earn X-Point?

As of right now, you can earn X-Point when:
  • Use the native Swap feature on Coin98 Super App (excluding SpaceGate Cross-chain Bridge)
  • Refer friends (via your Referral ID), and your referees swap natively on Coin98 Super App. Both the referrer (you) and the referee (your friend) will be awarded X-Points at the rate of 50:50 per the referee's native swap (Please refer to more details about how to calculate X-Points below)
  • Due to product maintenance, our accumulated X-Point function on Solana (Coin98 Exchange and SarosSwap) is temporarily disabled until further notice. Swaps on other blockchains still work efficiently.
  • X-Point can be counted when users log in only. Make sure to have logged in before swapping.

How is X calculated when swapping?

Let's say you have logged in, referred a friend and your friend has swapped natively on Coin98 Super App;
  • 2$ of the swap volume = 1 X-Point;
  • The referee who executes the swap order and the referrer will be awarded with the same amount of X-Points (each person receives 1 X-Point for 2$ swap volume)
  • If no one referred you (you haven't entered anyone's Ref ID), when you execute the swap order you will get 1 X-Point for 2$ swap volume.
Let's take a look at this example:
Suppose, Ken introduces Bob, and Bob introduces Alice to Coin98 Super App. Then:
  • When Alice executes the swap order at $1000 => The X Alice receives = The X Bob receives = 500 X-Points.
  • Bob executes the swap order $1000 => The X Bob receives = The X Ken receives = 500 X-Points, Alice receives 0 X-Point.
  • Ken is not recommended by other users. When Ken executes the swap order at $1000 => Ken gets 500 X-Points, no user gets the remaining 500 X-Points.

How to earn 500 X-Points with Flow To Earn?

Flow To Earn is an always-on activity on Coin98 Super App that gives users a chance to earn 500 X-Points by completing simple tasks.
While introducing this activity, Coin98 aims to encourage new users to join Web3 and stimulates them to experience DeFi services simply with Coin98 Super App - an All In One DeFi Platform.
With Flow To Earn, Coin98 wants to give more opportunities for users to accumulate X-Point besides the native swap on Coin98 Super App.
Flow To Earn details:
Users need to conduct 7 tasks as follows:
For step-by-step tutorial of how to join Flow To Earn, watch this video below:
You will certainly receive 500 X-Points after finishing all the tasks, here you can use these X-Points to participate in more Coin98 Super App's activities and campaigns.