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How to use Active Blockchains on Coin98 Super App

The latest version of Coin98 Super App includes a feature that allows users to select their active Blockchains with a single tap on their mobile device. Active Blockchain is one of the updates that maximize the app interface, improves the user experience as well as the app performance.
Simply put, you can activate your favorite blockchains from among the many supported by Coin98, as well as disable some of them. All of your multichain wallets will then be updated automatically based on your settings.
Thanks to this function, your Coin98 will be faster and more smooth than everDownload and install Coin98 Super App
Before we begin, you need to install or update our Super App to the latest version:
When everything is all set, let’s explore the new feature with Coin98 Super App:
Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App.
Step 2: At the Home screen, select More.
Step 3: In the Wallet section, choose Active Blockchain.
Step 4: Choose your favorite blockchains, then select Confirm!
After using this feature, please refresh all of the wallets in the Manage interface that are linked to blockchains and dapps in the browser screens you chose will be updated.
You can always use this feature to modify which blockchains you use the most to optimize your asset management on various chains.