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How to use Passphrase Recovery Tool

What is a passphrase?

A passphrase is similar to a password. However, the password is created by users, the passphrase is auto generated randomly from the standard of wallet generators. Passphrase generally tend to be longer and more complex than the average password, which increases overall security. As a result, it is harder to remember 12 random wordings than 12 of your own wordings.

Problems with Passphrase

A wallet address is like a house. The passphrase is the key, and logging in is like walking through the front door . When a user couldn't remember their passphrase, it’s like losing their keys. There are some ways to storage your passphrase such as passphrase encryption, written in your notebook, or syncing- cloud. But somehow we miss the last character of the passphrase.

Passphrase Recovery Tool

We have received many cases from Customer Service Support to help them in terms of finding (manual querying) the last word in their 12 wordings passphrase . In the past, we did not offer a public tool for our users, however, we realized the demand is increasing. We are launching the tool to help users recover their passphrase.

Passphrase Recovery Process

Our supported blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Solana. Avalanche C-Chain, Tron, HECO Chain, OKExChain, GateChain, KuCoin Community Chain, Near, Polygon, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, THORChain, Terra, BandChain, Kava, Secret Network, Persistence, BNB Beacon Chain, Elrond, Tezos, TomoChain, KardiaChain, Ronin, Celo, Klaytn, Harmony, Conflux, Optiminism, Boba Network, Arbitrum, Arbitrum on xDai.
Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App
Step 2:
2.1. Select More > New Features > Passphrase Recovery
2.2. Select More > Terminal > Passphrase Recovery
Step 3: Fill out those required information to trigger the recovery tool
Wallet Address
Passphrase (you have to correctly input the wording position each.)
We only support the case missing the last wording position in 12 wording passphrase, 15 wording passphrase, 18 wording passphrase, 21 wording passphrase, and 24 wording passphrase.
Input Data
Step 4: Select Recover, then wait.
Step 5: If you input correctly each position for passphrase, you will receive the full passphrase in result.
or If you miss correctly each position, there will be invalid result.
Invalid Result
Restore Wallet
Pay Attention: while using Passphrase Recovery, please make sure you are patient to wait for our crawling data from the wording combination. Those of following DON'T:
Kill App
Turn off your phone
Shut down your phone
If you do those following DON'T items, the Recovery Tool will understand you are about to cancel the action.