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How to add Custom Network on Coin98 Extension

Please check carefully before receiving any assets on the unsupported networks:
  • Coin98 only supports displaying the father token on unsupported networks.
  • Coin98 does not yet support adding tokens on unsupported networks, which leads to the fact the unsupported tokens will not be displayed on your app.

How to add a custom Network on Coin98 Extension

Step 1: Click the Services icon from the home screen → Select Custom Network;
Step 2: Click (+) on the top right corner;
Step 3: You can select from a predefined Custom Network Profile list in the Profile section. If the network you want to add is not available in the Profile list, you can manually input the following information about the Network:
  • Profile (optional);
  • Name of the Network;
  • RPC URL;
  • Chain ID;
  • Symbol;
  • Block Explorer URL (optional).
Step 4: Click Create to complete the process.

How to create a wallet with the new custom network on Coin98 Extension

Step 1: Click the Manage Wallet icon at the top left corner of the home screen → Click the add wallet icon at the top right corner;
Step 2: Choose a wallet type you desire and click Continue.
Step 3: Select the custom network added successfully in the guide above;
Step 3: Name the wallet. Click Next;
Step 4:
  • Backup your Seed Phrase & Private Key correctly in the right order and in a safe place. Please note that the Seed Phrase & Private Key are crucial to have access to your wallet and assets;
  • Copy and paste the Seed Phrase into the confirmation box;
  • Read the caution carefully and tick to confirm your awareness of the risks if you lose keys;
  • Click Create Wallet to complete.
Your wallet will be displayed instantly on the home screen. You can also access the Manage Wallet section again to check your wallets.