How to buy cryptocurrency by fiat on Coin98 Extension

Currently, users can buy coins/tokens right on Coin98 Extension without accessing any CEXs. These tutorials are the same as those on the Coin98 Super App.

Get Started

Note: Copy your wallet address to receive coins/tokens before selecting the Buy Crypto section. Please note that you must copy the right address of the blockchain on which you would like to receive tokens.

Step 1: On the Home screen of Coin98 Extension, click the Services icon → choose Buy Crypto,

Step 2: Select the coin/ token and fill in the amount for the purchase.

The system will automatically compare price quotes from providers and find the best rate for users. All you need to do is double-check and click Confirm! In this instruction, we will take Moonpay and Transak as examples for more specifics.

How to buy coins/tokens on Moonpay

Step 1: Select Moonpay

Step 2: Select your desired crypto, enter the amount, and click Continue;

Step 3: Enter your wallet address to receive your coins (The required wallet address will depend on the crypto you want to buy, please read the information carefully);

Step 4: Input your email and verify by the code sent to your email;

Step 5: Enter your personal information to confirm the KYC, then fill in your card details to complete the transaction.

How to buy cryptocurrency via Transak?

Step 1: Select Transak

Step 2: Select your desired crypto, enter the amount, and click Continue;

Step 3: In this interface:

  • After choosing a currency or nation, enter the amount you wish to pay

  • Select a payment method (Upon regions, Transak supports any different payment methods)

  • Choose the token you want to buy

  • Check several necessary information, including the fee, rate, slippage, and average processing time.

Step 4: Enter your wallet address (please check the network of tokens to make sure you input the correct address), and choose Buy USDT (We take USDT as an example)

Step 5: Complete the KYC process

Step 6: Input the payment information and confirm to pay!


  • For users who make transactions on Moonpay/Transak for the first time, after entering the address, they will be required to perform several actions to verify: for example, take a selfie, send a scan of personal information (driver's license, passport, ID) through Gmail. Moonpay/Transak will verify your identity according to specific requirements.

  • It takes you a short time to review your KYC, please wait for its status before going to the next steps.

  • Each service provider has the minimum and maximum purchase amount for each transaction.

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