How to connect Ledger Nano X/S on Coin98 Extension

How to prepare and setup Ledger device

Before connecting Ledger with Coin98 Extension, users need to download Ledger Live to:

  • Create new wallet or restore wallet on Ledger device;

  • Connect the device to the app for installing apps on the device, adding accounts, etc.

Step 1: Open Ledger Live β†’ Click Get started β†’ Read the terms of service and privacy policy β†’ Select Enter Ledger App β†’ Choose your device (In this article, we will use the Nano X wallet as an example) β†’ Click Set up a new Nano;

Step 2: Open your Ledger device by pressing the left black button for one second and then:

  • Read Ledger’s instructions on the device;

  • Press the black and white button at the same time to select Set up a new device;

  • Insert 4 to 8 digits long to setup PIN code for your device β†’ Reconfirm the PIN;

  • Pay attention to each word of the Recovery Phrase and write down the 24 words correctly and in the right order β†’ After having written them down, input them into the device to confirm (Scroll through until you find the correct word by pressing the right button and repeat for all words).

Note: This Recovery Phrase is extremely important. If you lose this recovery phrase, you will not be able to access your crypto in case you lose the device.

  • Press two buttons at the same time to move to Dashboard after the device shows Your device is now ready;

Step 3: Connect your device with Ledger Live:

  • Complete Ledger’s quiz β†’ Open phone’s bluetooth or connect with a USB cable β†’ Click Let’s pair my Nano β†’ Add new Ledger Nano X;

  • Click Continue after having connected your Ledger wallet with Ledger Live app successfully;

Step 4: Install apps and create accounts:

  • Open Ledger Live β†’ Access the Manager section β†’ Select your device β†’ Search the application corresponding to the coin/token you want to store β†’ Click Install;

For example: To store Ethereum (ETH) β†’ Install Ethereum app.

  • Access the Account section β†’ Select Add Account β†’ Choose your wallet and the installed app β†’ Click Continue β†’ Click Go to Accounts to complete.

For more detailed instructions from Ledger, kindly check them out here: LEDGER DOCS

How to connect your Ledger with Coin98 Extension

Step 1: Open the coin/token’s app on your device β†’ Press the right button to navigate to Settings β†’ Press both buttons to enable Blind Signing if it is being disabled;

Step 2: After successfully set up the Ledger device, open Coin98 Extension β†’ Click the icon at the top left corner of the home screen to access Manage Wallet section β†’ Click the add wallet icon at the top right corner β†’ Select Hardware Wallet β†’ Click Restore;

Step 3: On the Notice message, click Confirm button to use expand view instead.

Step 4: Select Ledger;

Step 5: Select the option below:

  • Select hardware wallet (Ledger EVM or Ledger SOL wallet)

  • Select connection type (Bluetooth or Cable)

  • Enter the wallet name

  • Select Address To Recover

Step 6: Click Restore button β†’ Wait for the connection and you are done.

After connecting successfully, your wallet will be automatically displayed on the home screen. You can access the Manage Wallet section to manage the wallet, get address, etc and use the wallet like other wallets created on Coin98.

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