How to connect Trezor One on Coin98 Extension

Prepare and setup your Trezor One device

Users need to download the Trezor Suite desktop app n on the Trezor homepage or access the web version before setting up your device. If you have set up your Trezor One device already, you can skip this part.

Step 1: Open Trezor Suite → Click Confirm to get started;


  • If your device does not have Firmware → Install it → Click Setup Trezor;

  • If the Firmware is not the latest version → Upgrade it → Click Continue;

Step 2: Click Create new wallet or Recover wallet;

We will choose Create a new wallet for example.

Then select Standard seed backup Click Confirm → Read the rules carefully and tick to confirm → Select Begin Backup;

Step 3: Access your Trezor device → Write down the first word provided → Press the right button to see the next word → Continue that until you get 24 words of the seed phrase provided → Click Continue to PIN after having written down and checked the seed phrase carefully.

Important note: The seed will only be presented to you twice in a row and then never again. It is not possible to get to the seed or have the device display the words ever again. Therefore, please pay close attention to every word and make sure you write it down correctly and in the right order.

Step 4: Click Set PIN → Confirm the creation → Set up 4 to 9 digits long PIN → Repeat PIN → Click Continue;

Step 5: Select coins/tokens to be activated → Click Continue → Choose Access Suite;

Step 6: Select the type of wallet (Standard wallet or Hidden wallet) → Insert the whole phrase into the Enter Passphrase box → Read the caution message → Tick into the box → Click Confirm passphrase;

After having created the wallet successfully, you can go to the Accounts section to be able to more effectively manage.

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How to connect Trezor One on Coin98 Extension

After having set up your Trezor One device and created your favorite coin/token account, you can connect it with Coin98 Extension following the steps below:

Step 1: Open Coin98 Extension → Click the icon at the top left corner of the home screen to access Manage Wallet section → Click the Add wallet icon at the top right corner → Select Hardware Wallet → Click Restore/Continue;

Step 2: On the Notice message, click the Confirm button to use expand view instead.

Step 3: Select Trezor and Continue;

Step 4: Name your wallet → Select Address To Recover

Step 5: Click the Restore button → Wait for the connection and you are done.

Note: You will be asked to confirm the device on the website. Select Allow once for this session to confirm this wallet connection.

The system will export the data of the Ethereum wallet address, please choose Export → Confirm with your passphrase → Press Enter to complete.


  • After connecting successfully, your asset will be displayed on the home screen of the Wallet section on Coin98 Extension.

  • Besides, you can send/ receive assets stored on your Trezor and swap, connect dApps, etc via Coin98 Extension as usual. However, when receiving assets, please double-check the wallet address, the network and make sure that the coin/token is supported on the Trezor device by searching for the name of the coin/token here.

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