How to create a new wallet on Coin98 Extension

The Multi-Chain Wallet allows you to store, send & receive many coins/tokens on different blockchains all in one place, with only one Seed Phrase. Users can currently use the Multi-chain Wallet for a total of 100+ blockchains supported on Coin98 Extension.

To create a Multi-chain Wallet on Coin98 Extension, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Manage Wallet icon at the top left corner of the home screen → Click Add Wallet icon;

Step 2: Choose a wallet type you desire and click Continue. Coin98 Extension supports the following wallet types:

  1. Social Wallet: MPC Wallet powered by Ramper

  2. Hot Wallet: Non-custodial Wallet is used via Seed Phrase or Private Key

  3. Hardware Wallet: Safeguard your digital assets effectively

  4. Watch-only: Observe or track the assets of other wallets

Step 3: Choose Multi-Chain or a single chain you want-> Then click Create;

Step 4: Name your wallet → Click Next;

You can choose the icon on the top right corner to choose Seed Phrase Type. Coin98 supports generating 2 types Seed Phrase: 12 words and 24 words. The 12 words seed phrase is set as default.

Step 5:

  • Back up your Seed Phrase & Private Key correctly in the right order and in a safe place. Please note that the Seed Phrase & Private Key are crucial to have access to your wallet and assets;

  • Paste the copied Seed Phrase from the previous step into the confirmation box;

  • Read the caution carefully and tick to confirm your awareness of the risks if you lose keys;

  • Click Create Wallet to complete.

Your new wallet will instantly be displayed on the home screen. You can also access the Manage Wallet section again to check all your wallets.

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