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Balances Not Loading or Showing on my wallet

This is most likely because one of these reasons:
  1. 1.
    Bad internet connection: We recommend you check the wifi or cellular connection.
  2. 2.
    Not using the latest version: Please update to the latest version here:
  1. 3.
    Unstable RPC: Please wait for the RPC to become more stable
  2. 4.
    Inactive wallet in Manage Wallet & inactive blockchain in Active blockchains section:
  • Kindly check if you already activated the blockchain of the wallet holding your funds in the Active Blockchains section
  • Kindly check if you activated the wallet holding your funds in the Manage Wallets section
Read more: How to manage wallet
  1. 5.
    Hidden token: kindly check the hidden token section section see if your token is hidden.
  1. 6.
    Unsupported token: Add a custom token. If the token is listed on Coingecko, kindly contact the Coin98 Support team on LiveChat, then request for the token to be supported on the Coin98 Super App
Supported token but you are using/activating the wallet belonging to the wrong network/chain in the Manage Wallets section: Kindly ensure that the wallet address, which contains the token balance and is activated in the Manage Wallets section, belongs to the same blockchain/network as the token balance. Kindly restore the wallet on the correct blockchain if necessary.
  1. 7.
    Bug issue: Please wait for the dev team to update/ fix the problem or report the issue to us via Live Chat support.
Check all the possibilities but your balance is still incorrect? --> Contact our Live Chat for 24/7 support and beware of scammers!