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How to restore your ERC20 tokens from the BEP20 wallet

To restore ERC20 tokens you accidentally sent to the BEP20 wallet, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Copy the private key of the Binance Smart Chain wallet that you sent ERC20 tokens to.
If you forget the private key of your Binance Smart Chain wallet, follow these steps:
1.1. Click Manage Wallets on the home screen
1.2. Select the Binance Smart Chain wallet with which you deposited ERC20 tokens.
1.3. Select Show PrivateKey & Passphrase and copy the wallet's private key.
Step 2: Restore ERC20 wallet with the private key of BEP20 wallet
2.1. Click Manage Wallets on the home screen
2.2. Click Add Wallet icon as below.
2.2. Choose Wallet Type: Hot Wallet;
2.3. Select the Ethereum blockchain, then select Restore;
2.4. Enter the copied Private Key and enter the wallet name;
2.5. Select Restore to complete.
After restoring your wallet, you can go to Manage Wallets to check.
  • To see the token, make sure the ERC20 wallet you just restored is activated.
  • If you don't see the ERC20 token on the home screen, go to More and select Hidden Tokens to show that token on the home screen.
To restore BEP20 tokens accidentally sent to ERC20 wallets, you just need to do the same steps.