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What is Transaction Deadline

Coin98 Super App has integrated the most popular AMMs in the market to provide a seamless, simple, fast, and extremely safe trading experience for users. Moreover, users can now limit the transaction time according to their needs via our Transaction Deadline.

What is Transaction Deadline?

Transaction deadline is the maximum transaction time that you can specify to avoid the case of long waiting time without any matching orders.

How to set a Transaction Deadline

The default Transaction Deadline on Coin98 Super App is set at 15 minutes. If the transaction lasts more than 15 minutes, it will automatically be canceled.sers can follow these two steps to adjust the transaction deadline:
Step 1: In the Swap interface, select the Settings icon at the top right corner.
Step 2: Enter the desired Transaction Deadline.
For example, on Ethereum, when there are too many transactions that need to be processed or when the market fluctuates strongly, the transaction time difference is huge, from within 30 seconds to 15-20 minutes, or even for a few hours. When the Transaction Deadline is set at 15 minutes, any transactions that exceed this deadline will automatically be canceled.