How to create a portfolio on Coin98 Super Wallet

Create and customize your portfolio in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: On the home screen, place your finger on the Wallets tab

Step 2: Slide to the left.

Step 2: Name your portfolio, choose its theme color, and click the plus icon.

Your own portfolio has been created. You can create multiple portfolios as needed by swiping the Portfolio tab to the left.

How to add coins/tokens to your portfolio

You can enrich the portfolio with your assets immediately by:

  • Step 1: Click Add Token on the Portfolio tab.

  • Step 2: Insert the information as follows:

    • 2.1: Search the Coin/Token’s name.

    • 2.2: Enter the Amount you’re holding.

    • 2.3: Modify the Buy Price if needed, based on the price of the token when you decided to invest.

  • Step 3: Click Add To Portfolio.

Repeat these steps to add as many tokens as you need.

What else can you do?

After adding all coins/tokens, your portfolio should display the total worth of your assets, the list & the amount of coins/tokens you’re holding. Some other activities you can perform include:

Delete a portfolio

Click Manage & click the trashcan icon to delete a portfolio.

Edit or Delete coins/tokens

Click Manage & click the corresponding icons next to the coins/tokens you wish to edit or delete.

View statistics

Go to Statistics to see how your portfolio is divided and which tokens contribute the most to your total asset value.

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