How to manage wallets

In the 14.1.1 version, Coin98 Super App supports the following wallet types:

  1. Social Wallet: MPC Wallet powered by Ramper

  2. Hot Wallet: Non-custodial Wallet is used via Seed Phrase or Private Key

  3. Zen Card: Hybrid Wallet focuses on Security, Convenient & Personalized

  4. Hardware Wallet: Safeguard your digital assets effectively

  5. Watch-only: Observe or track the assets of other wallets

How to manage wallets?

We have developed the Manage Wallets feature to activate or inactivate your wallets. There are several ways to access this feature:

  • Right on the Home screen

  • On the Home screen, choose More => Manage Wallets

  • Click the Manage Wallets icon on the Wallets screen

  • On the Wallet screen, choose Menu at the top right corner => Manage All Wallets

Note: If you have multiple wallets with the same blockchain on the App, you can only enable one wallet in the All Wallets section. For example: If you have 2 multi-chain wallets and 1 single-chain Ethereum wallet with the following name:

  1. Test Wallet

  2. Test 2 Wallet

  3. Test 3 Wallet

When you enable the Solana wallet named Test, the other Solana wallets on the 2 remaining multichain wallets will be disabled.

How to add Custom Network

We have developed a Custom Network feature that allows adding a specific blockchain which is not supported by default in the Coin98 Super Wallet (usually Testnet).

The added Custom Network will be available in the blockchain list when you add or import a wallet.

Step 1: On the home screen, select More

Step 2: Select Custom Network

Step 3: Click on the Create icon at the top right corner;

Step 4: You can select from a predefined Custom Network Profile list in the Profile section. If the network you want to add is not available in the Profile list, you can manually input the following information about the Network:

  1. Network

  2. Chain Name

  3. RPC URL

  4. Chain ID

  5. Symbol

  6. Block Explorer URL (Optional)

Step 5: After filling in the required fields, select Create

Step 6: Back to your All Wallets section, then create or import the new wallet for the newly created Custom Network.

Please check carefully before receiving any assets on the unsupported networks:

  • Coin98 only supports displaying the father token on unsupported networks.

  • Coin98 does not yet support adding tokens on unsupported networks, which leads to the fact the unsupported tokens will not be displayed on your app.

How to add new tokens

We have developed the “Custom Token" feature to input some new tokens to interact with

Step 1: On the home screen, click More -> then select Custom Token

Step 2: Select Create icon => You only need to select the Blockchain and enter the Contract Address of the token correctly. The remaining parameters will be updated automatically in the Overview section.

Step 3: Recheck the following parameters in the Overview section:

  1. Symbol

  2. Name

  3. Decimals

Step 4: Select Create

Step 5: Back to the main screen of the Wallet tab to check the token balance

How to Refresh Wallet

We have developed a Refresh Wallet feature to update the wallets belonging to the newest blockchains in Multichain wallets.

Step 1: On the home screen, select Manage Wallets

Step 2: In the top right corner of the screen, click the Refresh icon, then Confirm. After that, all the wallets belonging to the newest chains will be updated in your Multichain wallets.

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