How to turn on Biometric Authentication and strengthen security settings

This feature activates a PIN Code or biometrics authentication whenever someone accesses Coin98 Super Wallet or tries to make any in-app transaction on your phone, protecting your assets more efficiently.

Setting up a PIN code & Biometrics Authentication

  • Step 1: Open Coin98 Super Wallet and click Settings on the main screen

  • Step 2: Click Security Settings - Privacy Protection.

  • Step 3:

    • Set up a 6-digit PIN Code.

    • Click Set up FaceID or Fingerprint if your phone supports these features.

After setting up, the app automatically requires FaceID or Fingerprint upon opening and making any type of transaction.

Turning off Biometrics Authentication

You can remove these settings whenever you want, simply by turning off Set up FaceID or Fingerprint. The app then requires your PIN Code for verification before restoring your settings to the original condition.

However, we strongly recommend keeping the PIN Code & Biometrics Authentication activated to prevent risks of losing your assets.

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