How to use Clear Clipboard on Coin98 Super Wallet?

What is the Clipboard?

A clipboard is a short-term storage area embedded within your mobile device's operating system, permitting you to copy and paste text, images, or other data such as wallet addresses, and Seed Phrase/private keys between various applications. When you copy data, it gets temporarily stored in the clipboard, allowing you to paste it elsewhere. The attackers behind the Copy-Paste Heist illicitly access the data directly from your clipboard.

Coin98 Super Wallet now includes a new Clear Clipboard feature designed to prevent other applications from reading your clipboard.

How to use Clear Clipboard on Coin98 Super Wallet?

  • The 1st way: On your Home screen → Click Clear Clipboard

  • The 2nd way: On your Home screen → click More → Choose Clear Clipboard

Note: When you click on Clear Clipboard, it will clear your device's clipboard and then the message “Clipboard cleared! Can contain your Private Key or Seed Phrase” will pop up to notify you.

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