Wallet Approval

Coin98 Super Wallet now supports the Wallet Approval tool, revokes token allowances from dApps on all supported Blockchains, and protects users from potential loss risks.

Why should you use the Wallet Approval tool?

To trade, farm, stake, or interact with any dApps, you are required to allow smart contracts to access your assets. There are 2 approaches to allowance: Allow for a specific amount of tokens and unlimited approval.

  • Allow for a specific amount of tokens: you give access to a particular amount of tokens for smart contracts of DApp. It can not exceed the maximum number of tokens that you grant.

  • Unlimited approval: It means that you provide a smart contract with full permission of your funds.

Unlimited approval brings them a fast and frictionless experience; however, it might potentially affect the risk of asset loss if you interact with untrustworthy platforms or scamming pools.

It is recommended not to grant unlimited access to a platform to keep your funds safe.

How to revoke token allowances

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super Wallet & select More.

Step 2: At the Wallet section, choose Wallet Approval to start revoking the token.

Step 3: Click on the wallet where you often interact with DeFi services.

Step 4: In this interface, you can revoke the permission of any desired contract by clicking on the [x] icon.

Step 5: Click Confirm for completion and wait for seconds. All done!

Once completed, the system will display a message to notice.


  • This revocation will take you a small network fee; please ensure you have enough father tokens in your wallet.

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