How to use Coin98 Vault with Coin98 Extension


Install Coin98 Extension

If you are eligible for receiving the tokens through Coin98 Vault, you have to install the Coin98 Extension first in order to connect wallets to

pageHow to install Coin98 Extension on Google Chrome

Restore your receiving addresses

Ignore this step if your receiving addresses are already active in the Manage Wallets section of the Coin98 Extension.

pageHow to synchronize Coin98 Super Wallet with Coin98 Extension

Prepare father tokens for gas fees

Coin98 Vault uses the father tokens of each blockchain as gas fees, so you have to have these tokens as fees to claim the tokens.

You can buy the native coins on CEXs like Binance, Kucoin,… and withdraw to the corresponding wallets to experience the product. For layer 2 blockchains like Boba, please convert ETH to the corresponding network to use it.

Note: You have to transfer each coin to the corresponding wallet on the correct blockchain.

How to claim the rewards with the Coin98 Extension Wallet

Step 1: Access Coin98 Vault’s homepage here. Then select Connect Wallet at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Insert the password to connect your wallet.

Step 3: In the My Schedule section, check the coming distributed schedule. If it is the right time, select the claiming icon.

Step 4: In this step, you need to pay a small gas fee to receive the reward. If you agree, choose Confirm.

Note: You can access the History section, to view your received rewards.

How to create your own vault to distribute tokens with Coin98 Vault

This is a feature only available in the Coin98 Vault’s website version, allowing users to create their vault to send and distribute the tokens. To distribute tokens through your own vault, you need to follow the stages below.

Stage 1: Create your vault

Step 1: On the Coin98 Vault homepage, click Manage Vault.

Step 2: In the Manage Vault section, choose Create Vault.

Step 3: Insert your vault’s name, blockchain and logo. Then, click Create to create your vault.


  • The vault creation fee will be collected by blockchain more than 0.02 BNB. Therefore, you need to prepare about 0.03 BNB for the smoothest creation.

  • Because this process helps users to create new smart contracts. So the fee for creating a vault will be higher than other features.

Stage 2: Send tokens to your vault

Each vault will have its smart contract. For other users to receive rewards, you need to deposit tokens into your vault by following instructions:

Step 1: In the Manage Vault section, click the copy address icon next to the vault you want to deposit.

Only the tokens on the list below are supported on Admin Vault V1 and can be sent to Vault Contract. Kindly recheck the token list carefully before transferring any tokens into Vault Contract.

Step 2: Open the Coin98 Extension, select the token you want to send. Click Send.

Step 3: Paste the copy vault address into Recipient, insert the number of tokens you want to send. Click Send.

Stage 3: Create a profile

If you have customers or employees who have to pay salaries or bonuses but hate to enter the address every time. Don't worry, because Coin98 Vault has supported creating profile files to save time and manipulate so that users can send the rewards with just a few clicks.

Step 1: On the Coin98 Vault homepage, click Manage Profile.

Step 2: In the Manage Profile section, choose Create Profile.

Step 3a: Insert profile name, blockchain corresponding with the wallet address and the amount according to the correct syntax. Click Save Profile.

Step 3b: Select View Detail. Insert profile name, blockchain corresponding with the wallet address and the amount. Click Save Profile.

Step 4: The system will confirm your request to create a profile. Click Confirm if you agree with that.


  • You can edit at any time by selecting the profile → Edit

  • Please make sure that the addresses in the profile are correct with the corresponding blockchain to avoid unfortunate situations.

  • Creating the profile is just an option and does not affect the user experience.

Stage 4: Create a schedule

After creating your vault and profile, you can customize your coin/token the schedule event professionally with Coin98 Vault.

Step 1: On the Coin98 Vault homepage, click Manage Schedule.

Step 2: In the Manage Profile section, click Create Schedule.

Step 3: Users must fill in the following information to complete the transaction:

  • Choose Token: The token you want to send - The token list that can create a vault under (*) section.

  • Choose your vault: The vault has chosen a token.

  • Input Detail Information:

    • Schedule Name: Event name.

    • Description: Your note about this event.

    • Schedule Time: The reward claim time.

    • Messeger Notification: Tin nhắn thông báo khi đến thời điểm trả token.

  • Schedule Data: Click Import Profile to select a prepared profile or you can enter the address and balance according to the corresponding syntax. After successfully exporting the profile, you can edit the address information or the token balance.

Step 4: Click Create to create the schedule.

In this step, the system will charge a very small network fee for your schedule creation. Click Confirm if you agree.

Stage 5: Review the schedule information

After successfully creating your schedule, the event will be added to the My Schedule section.

To manage the created schedule, please select the event and the system will display the following details:

  • Schedule Name: Event name.

  • Vault address: The vault address of the generated event.

  • Status:

    • Soon: The event hasn't happened yet.

    • Live: The event is happening.

    • Complete: The event has ended.

  • Chain: Token blockchain.

  • Token: Token name.

  • Number of Recipient Address: Number of addresses received / Total addresses

  • Schedule Time: Event start time.

  • Total Amount: Total tokens

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