How to convert tokens with Cross-Chain Bridge on Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet has extended the Cross-Chain Bridge, allowing users to swap tokens on different blockchains easily and conveniently with the release of version X. Coin98 Wallet Cross-Chain Bridge currently supports 5 popular blockchains, including Ethereum (ETH & ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Solana (SOL & SPL), Tron (TRC20) and Avalanche (C-chain & X-chain). Avalanche C-Chain & X-Chain is the newest member to join the Coin98 Wallet version X.

Overview of the Cross-Chain Bridge interface

[1] The sending & receiving wallets and their blockchains.

[2] The tokens you’re converting.

[3] The trade information.

[4] The Trade History.

The bridges currently available on Coin98 Wallet Cross-Chain Bridge includes:

  • SPL <> ERC20 Bridge: To convert SPL Token on Solana into ERC20 Token on Ethereum.

  • ERC20<> BEP20 <> TRC20: To convert tokens among Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Tron blockchains. Users can convert tokens through 1 single route, for example, TRC20 into ERC20 and vice versa, BEP20 into TRC20 and vice versa, ERC20 into BEP20 and vice versa.

In case users want to convert BEP20 or TRC20 tokens to SPL tokens, they can convert all these tokens into ERC20, then proceed to convert them into SPL.

  • Avalanche C-Chain <> Avalanche X-Chain: To convert AVAX tokens between Avalanche C-Chain & X-Chain and vice versa.

How to convert tokens via Cross-Chain Bridge

At the home screen, click Swap → select Cross-Chain Bridge to start trading. This guide takes the AVAX X-Chain & C-Chain Bridge as an example.

Step 1: Select the token you want to convert.

Step 2: Select the wallet that holds the converting tokens and the receiving wallet on the corresponding blockchain.

Step 3: Choose the converting amount by sliding the bar.

Step 4: Click Convert to complete.


  • The gas fee and the processing time are different on each blockchain. You need to double-check the information carefully before approving any transaction.

  • For the Avalanche blockchain, users’ wallet will immediately change after converting AVAX between the X-Chain and the C-Chain.

  • Only the tokens that are distributed on multiple chains can be converted. For example, you can convert USDT (SPL) into USDT (ERC20), but can’t convert TRX (TRC20) into BNB (BEP20).

  • You can access the Convert History tab at the top right corner of the trading interface to check the converted tokens if needed.