How to use Coin98 Portfolio

Coin98 Portfolio - a one-stop tracker for all your coins, has supported tracking portfolio for the following top-tier blockchain addresses: Solana, Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Avalanche C-Chain, Tron, TomoChain, Near, Polkadot, Kusama, and Celo, ... easily and conveniently. You only need to insert the wallet addresses to track without the need for Passphrases and Private Keys

To use Coin98 Portfolio, from the Coin98 Exchange/ Coin98 Markets interface, you can click on the Products navigation bar at the top of the page, select Coin98 Portfolio or visit this link: portfolio.coin98. com

The main interface of Coin98 Portfolio has the following sections.

[1] Navigation to other Coin98's sites, products and AMMs of Coin98 Exchange.

[2]: Some built-in utilities:

  • The Search bar: Search the tokens with their names, symbols, or smart contract addresses.

  • The Gas station icon: Real-time Gwei.

  • The Moon icon: Light and dark interface settings.

  • The Lock icon: Lock/Unlock the wallet.

  • Wallet management and receiving/sending functions.

[3] The Search box: This is the main feature of Coin98 Portfolio. You only need to insert the wallet addresses you want to track, no need for Passphrases and Private Keys. Coin98 Portfolio also supports saving recent addresses to make it easier for users to manage their assets.

Here are two simple steps you need to follow to use Coin98 Portfolio:

  • Step 1: Enter the wallet address into the Search box.

  • Step 2: Coin98 Portfolio will automatically detect and suggest the corresponding chain. If it is a multi-chain address, there will be suggestions on which chain you should select.

After you have inserted all of your wallets, here is what your portfolio looks like.

The main information includes:

[1] The total balance:

  • Asset value in USD and in BTC.

  • User's portfolio weight and % increase/decrease in 24 hours.

  • For multi-chain wallet addresses, you can easily change the network to check the asset portfolio on different blockchains.

  • The "Hide balance" feature keeps your asset safe by preventing prying eyes (or intruders) from knowing how much your account holds.

[2] The Balance chart: You can choose any time frame, from 1 hour - 1 year or the whole time.

[3] The Assets portfolio: Full information about each token you are holding such as price, total value, value changed in 24 hours, volume,.... To hide/show any token you can use the on/off icon on the right.

Moreover, you can click on a token to see its basic information popped up on the right side of the screen.

The main information includes:

[1] The token sticker, the standard and the token amount.

[2] Token wallet address, value in USD.

[3] The graph showing the total value of a token or the price of a token unit over time. To change the chart you can use the toggle button in the right corner of the chart. You can choose multiple time frames, from 1 hour - 1 year or the whole time.

[4] Token information such as Market Cap, 24 Vol, Circulating Supply, Max Supply,...

[5] Token transaction history on the wallet address you are choosing. You can click on each transaction to check the information on Explorer tools such as BscScan, EtherScan, ....